Gooood consternoon aftable and my cherished reader. On instructions from Christina, whose creation this is, I went to The Bar whereupon Sergio eventually presented me with a package courtesy of the US Postal Service and Correios Portugal.

My jumper!

To say I am delighted is an understatement. It is the warmest thing of beauty I have ever worn. The colour is perfect, as is the fit and I’ve never in my life had something made to order from a bale of wool. The paper is a set of washing orders from Christina – orders vitch muss be obeyt at all times.

As you can see, Silvie was underwhelmed, but have you ever heard that saying, “As curious as a cat with a magnifying glass?

Fumada was beside herself and has spent the afternoon asleep on the new item – the first and last time she will ever get near it.

NEWS – Browsing t’Interweb as you do, we found a veterinary orthopedic surgeon in Lisbon who is the only vet in Portugal as far as we can ascertain who does prostheses for animals. Anyway, to cut a long story short, after reviewing the x-rays and video footage (no pun intended) he says he can do a blade-runner type prosthesis for Silvie. She goes under the cosh before Christmas to have a pin inserted in her thigh to which a selection of titanium feet (foots?) can be attached to cope with anything from tiled stairs to dirt tracks. At least the poor girl will be able to stand four-square again and have a squat with dignity. Once the main operation is done it will take several weeks for the pin to set and the wound heal, so she should be up and running in the New Year. I will keep cherished readers advised.

Hey, not only do I have an unique Christina jumper and a precision Ferret writing implement, I’m going to have a bionic dog too.


Author: O Zangado

Just loping around. Extremely fond of roast boar in particular, meat in general and cooking on the barbie. Fish is good too.

15 thoughts on “Yehaaaay!”

  1. Very nice jumper. Don’t spill any of those nice Portugese reds down it. Finally, good luck to the pooch.

  2. Excellent! Now come on let’s see you in it in a picture!
    I want to see the fit!!!
    Glad to hear the dog is being fitted up so to speak.
    I was concerned that a. I got it away before the Christmas rush and b. the length of the arms.
    All splendid.

  3. Just managed to wrestle the jumper back from the cat after a short but vicious battle and took Silvie for her late night hop. It’s 6ºC out there but I was warm as the proverbial bug in a rug. The arms are perfect length, Christina, and the body is just so for keeping my bum warm too.

    Sorry, can’t do piccies right now as the NSW is on a long series of rotas and there’s nobody else to wield the camera.


  4. We’ll wait for the pics, don’t you worry!

    It is amazing how much warmer, ounce for ounce homespun is compared with commercial wool. Also the less processing, dyeing, general farting about, the warmer it is! Single varietal wool outdoes blends every time. I do particularly like Shetland for Arran designs.
    People don’t believe it until they actually try it. Glad it fits the bill!
    You can see how they stayed comfy in those bloody castles in the middle ages. Bet the peasants in homespun were warmer than the nobs in velvet unless they had furs on top!

  5. Achtung Christina! We have unforeseen but serious operational problems here, specifically the cat has fallen in deep feline love with the jumper. Every time I sit down wearing the object of her desire she comes running like a hairy cruise missile, jumps up on my armchair, gives it that kneading thing that kittens do when they want Mum’s milk and then settles down for as long as my patience and/or bladder will last.

    Any advice gratefully received.


  6. Janus. Sadly her Mum, Dad, Auntie and two siblings all met their HGVs down on the main road outside The Bar at one time or another. Her surviving brother, Fogo, was safe from traffic up here, but was poisoned 18 months ago. Fumada’s is a sad story.

    Anyway, I have no idea how to milk a cat. Any suggestions apart from having the local A&E department on the speed dial?


  7. Oooo Errr!
    I would have to presume it is the smell of the thing, I can think of no other reason. Less processed wool is still rich in lanolin, probably undetectable to the human nose but not hers.
    Do you think she might be lonely? Is she big mates with the dog? If not, maybe another cat her age to provide company.
    Now then, second thought. I have some spare wool, what if I knit her a little blanket for her to sit on?
    Does she try to claw the cables etc What is she kneading? Does she have a little bed of her own. Do you think it is the textured surface that attracts her. Look v carefully at her behaviour on the jumper and lets see if I can’t duplicate the attraction. Got no knitting at the moment so no trouble, would be doing me a favour, fag consumption going up a bit!!!
    I am spinning a new silk mix for my sister and haven’t started knitting yet. So I have the time.
    Some photos of her on the jumper might be helpful.

  8. Right, let’s take these things in order.

    1) I wondered about lanolin, but presumed it had all been washed out. The wool certainly has a distinctive bouquet of heather, whisky and Woodbines, but assumed this came from Chez Osborne. 🙂

    2) Fumada tolerates Silvie – they eat and sleep in the same room, for example, but she is not lonely. She has breakfast and can then bugger off all day, though without straying far from home. She does not tolerate other cats on her ‘patch’ and I’ve seen her jump down from the upstairs terrace to see off with considerable intent some feral moggy with the effrontery to stray down beside the pool.

    3) She has never clawed the cables and does not use her claws on the jumper at all. She just kneads me when I’m wearing it then snuggles down purring with one paw on me so as to detect any movement, actual, intended or supposed, She has her own bed, but rarely uses it unless she is left in the kitchen and it is very cold.

    4) Photos. Within an hour of bringing the jumper home

    and then this evening

    Tell you what. All I need to do is to keep the jumper and the cat in separate rooms at night, but if you have some wool spare, please could you put a skein away somewhere safe in case some darning/running repairs need doing in the future.

    Ta ever so.


  9. No way we can ever mend that and maintain the pattern. Suggest you keep her use to the minimum and I will start knitting her a blanket. I’ll pick an all over stitch with an edge to make it quick ie 2/3 weeks!
    I have enough wool and enough wool for you too in case of accidents.
    It just has to be the smell then and it is the only way to keep you both happy! I was going to send you a scarf from it but you will have to sacrifice that for the cat.
    Ain’t life grand? What we do for our animals. Painfully obvious that you are about as big a mug for the livestock as we are!!!!!
    We freely admit to calling them the kids and preferring them to most people and if any visitor comes who don’t like dogs then they are told PDQ to have sex and travel or politesse to that effect!!

    Right on ,knitting time again.

  10. Christina – If you want to make a blanket for Fumada it does not need to be more than 16 inches square. Please send it to The Bar and I will send another cheque to your sister.

    Despite your hard, fire-breathing persona I now know you are actually an absolute pussy cat and I could hug you. Let’s just not tell anyone, eh?


  11. Don’t let’s get into a (cat) flap here! I think it’s the soft texture of woollens cats like. If you have an old woollie she’ll probably accept it as substitute.

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