RESULTS – March Piccie Comp

Cherished colleagues! My apologies for the late judging, but things have been even more hectic than when I set this competition and I only got back to The Cave yesterday. Anyway, so as not to keep you on tenterhooks any longer, here we go.

Not for the first time it appears that my reputation precedes me and competitors believe that a way to a wolf’s favours are via his gullet


or his stomach


rather than anything cultural


or artistic.


I presume British Bulldog to be proper dark, bitter beer which I have not encountered outside Blighty apart from in Cologne and a couple of micro-breweries in Düsseldorf. I don’t give a 4X for the gawdawful tinnies of Victoria Bitter (VB) they hawk in Australia. Nice presentation, FEEG.

Araminta – Steak, chips and mushrooms. Oh drool!

Araminta again – Classy composition as always. This is a strong contender as I have one of these

delivered personally by The Furry One and Beloved with a matching one for the NSW.

Soutie – A very atmospheric piccie and I have read your ‘Grey Bay, Blue Bay’ thread. It’s like that here too – one minute miserable as sin and the next a view of the reason you signed up for.

So, thank you to all for your entries. In the end and despite the suspicion that Araminta has probably been talking to Bilby about animal psychology, I award this competition to Araminta’s glistening, juicy steak. Oh Lordie, I’m so predictable, but it was a good piccie too and a worthy winner.


Author: O Zangado

Just loping around. Extremely fond of roast boar in particular, meat in general and cooking on the barbie. Fish is good too.

12 thoughts on “RESULTS – March Piccie Comp”

  1. Hi OZ.

    Lupine psychology is certainly Bilby’s “thing”, so yes there may have been a bit of a consultative process going on here. A recently slaughtered goat is hard to come by in these parts so a rarish filet de boeuf was an obvious choice.

    Thank you, I’m now trying to think up ideas for the next competition.:)

    Due to an HTML error, I’m unable to see your photo, which is a bit of a shame, but maybe some kind person can sort this out, because I would be most interested in seeing it.

    Thanks OZ for your more than generous critique.

  2. Thank you FEEG. Do they export it to Liverpool, for example, where I will be for a few days in August?


  3. Good evening, Bilby. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, that’s what I say, although I can’t take any credit for it. The Furry One does indeed make exceedingly good writing implements, as your sister once said.


  4. O Zangado :

    Thank you FEEG. Do they export it to Liverpool, for example, where I will be for a few days in August?


    Not sure OZ, sorry. You can get it in Waitrose or Sainsburys stores Dahn Sarf, but it is only a fairly small brewery, so I do not know how far its tentacles spread.

  5. OZ, I have done a bit more research and you can only get Westerham Ales Dahn Sarf, unless you care to go to Denmark, where it is available in bars in Copenhagen and Aarlborg. Sorry.

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