Pier elegance

If you’re not familiar with the West Country, there are two seaside resorts of note on the English side of the Bristol Channel; Weston-super-Mare and Clevedon.

If Weston is the noisy lively teenager, all arcades-kiss-me-quick-candyfloss-and-donkey rides on the sand, Clevedon, the seaside town just to the north, is it’s restrained decorous maiden aunt. Continue reading “Pier elegance”

Intimate massage

Quite frankly, I find the sight of pensioners intimately massaging each other quite off-putting.

I don’t expect to have to avert my eyes in the local garden centre but there they were blatantly stimulating one another right between the dahlias and the dieffenbachias. Continue reading “Intimate massage”

Instrument of the devil?

Interesting question in one of the papers today; if harps are heavenly instruments what could possibly be the most devilish instrument in hell?

No question in my mind. A violin in the sweaty, ignorant grasp of a beginner. I mean, after about twenty minutes of “practice” the arrhythmic sawing gnaws into your brain with it’s sharp orange teeth far more effectively than my nightmare moth larva. Continue reading “Instrument of the devil?”

Cheesy romance and cheesy footballs

Being the kind of person who celebrates at the drop of a hat – Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Easter, Groundhog Day, Talk Like a Pirate Day etc etc I always do something to mark St Valentine’s Day. Continue reading “Cheesy romance and cheesy footballs”

Mother’s ruins

There’s something about abandoned buildings and dereliction. These old dusty places just ooze allure.

This outstanding blog with images, of an abandoned and ruined isolation Riverside hospital on North Brother Island, New York City, once home of Typhoid Mary, made me feel like I was taking a nose around with the writer – and it reminded me how much I love exploring old ruins. Continue reading “Mother’s ruins”

More than just a kiss?

You must remember this… a kiss is just a kiss… a sigh is just a sigh..

But is a kiss just a kiss?

Not according to Sheril Kirshenbaum “a scientist”(don’t you love the sweeping generality of that phrase) at the University of Texas. Continue reading “More than just a kiss?”