Just the Right Size or Moan of the Week

In my teens, I was average height – 5 feet 2 inches. Unfortunately the world has grown around me, and I am told that I am short and the average height for a woman is now around 5 feet 5 inches.

Fine! But why has the world changed to suit all these giants and does not accommodate those of us are now deemed to be midgets?

Today Bearsy and I went out for lunch. I went to pay the bill and could not reach the counter let alone the credit card pay-thingy… even standing on tippy-toe. Fortunately, I had sufficient cash to pay the bill.

Progress is one thing, but those monsters of 5 foot 5 inches plus could manage with lower counters, whereas we smaller mortals could do with a little more consideration.

9 thoughts on “Just the Right Size or Moan of the Week”

  1. Spare a thought for those of us who are at the other end of the spectrum. We have to crouch and stoop and contort to deal with many situations that short arses would find quite comfortable. Think baths, beds, kitchen sinks and aeroplanes.

    One thing that gets me hopping mad when I shop for shop for shoes, (off the rack, I am afraid) is that they stack the size 4s at the top and the size 12s at the bottom. For goodness sake, why?

    And we always have to stand at the back. Ok in some situations but irritating when you want to hear what is being said.

    Life is not fair.

  2. I’m only a couple of inches taller than you are, Boadicea, but I do occasionally have the same problem. I also cannot reach some high shelves in supermarkets, or the highest shelves in my kitchen units.

    They are probably all designed by men!

  3. Boadicea, Araminta: I am somewhat short for my age and sex, 5’9″. However, my landlady is from Bolivia and is a towering 4’11”. I shocked her when I told her that I was some 3 inches shorter than the average man my age in Germany as by her standards I’m a giant and I’m taller than most men in Spain as well.

  4. The NSW describes herself as 4′ 12″ and a bit, which is wholly accurate to be brutally honest. I am nearly a towering 5′ 8″. I am constantly being called upon to reach things from ‘high’ shelves whereas she is perfect at getting into confined spaces to retrieve an errant spoon from behind the dresser, for example, or paint an inconveniently situated bit of wall under the sink.

    In such ways is equilibrium maintained in the space/time continuum. Also, at parties, I can drape a protective, affectionate arm around her shoulders and still have somewhere to rest my beer. 😀


  5. Janus – I have always believed that the best things always come in little parcels!

    Sipu – I don’t have not too much sympathy with those who can reach all the things that I can’t, However, I do agree that it is somewhat illogical to put small sizes at the top and larger sizes at the top.

    Araminta – thanks for the sympathy!

    Christopher – I take your point. Average height does vary in different countries.

    OZ – NSW sounds a little like me – for many years I described myself as being 27 and a bit, a bigger bit and enormous bit! However, the problem with my height is that I seem to be shrinking as I get older, so I’m probably now 5′ 2 and a smaller bit!

  6. Boadicea, HM and I are both 5ft 3in, so that is obviously THE height to be. A six foot husband is useful for reaching high things. I had a girl friend (school and university) who was 5ft 10in and complained that she could never find fellows tall enough to tower over her. Be a happy 5ft 2in and tell the restaurant to alter its cash desk.

  7. When I were a lad, I was taller than average (5′ 11″ as opposed to 5′ 7″ pooh to metric 🙂 )

    Now the average male height in the UK is 5’10” and I have shrunk a wee bit due to my hip replacement, I am now extremely average 🙂

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