What am I missing?

As I understand it, our Dearly Beloved Neighbour, Kim Jong-Un of North Korea, launched a missile over the Sovereign State of Japan.

Is this not an Act of Aggression? No weasel words please – surely the air-space over any country should be treated as totally and utterly inviolable?

Now, I do understand that no one wants to engage in a war with a Rogue State that has access to the sort of weaponry that will send us all to the Great Unknown…

But, I do have to ask why we, in the West, continue to send aid to the people who stand, cheer and support this lunatic?

Is it not time that we said to the people of North Korea: “You must pay the price of Kim Jong-Un’s military aspirations. We, in the West, are no longer prepared to send aid that allows you to support a regime whose objective is destroy us. If you choose to starve – that is your choice – not ours.”

3 thoughts on “What am I missing?”

  1. The North Korean state orthodoxy, Juche, is rooted in self-reliance. However poor and backwards North Korea is doesn’t matter nearly as much as being able to stick it to the entire world if need be. Thus, their aid receipts are generally tiny. The government gets what hard currency it needs through illicit drugs, forgery, counterfeiting and selling raw materials to China.

  2. What the West gives may be minuscule – and it may well be that the man-on-the Pyongyang-bus does not care whether the West gives aid or not – but, on principle, the Rogue State should not receive one penny / cent of aid money.

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