Having Login Problems?

This may help, perhaps . . .

I did, for a while. Every time I came to the Chariot I had to login, which hadn’t been the case previously. I found a sort of work around which did the trick for me. Then some while later I found I didn’t need to bother, ‘cos everything was back how it used to was.

Being me, I’m running Edge on Windows 11, on a PC that doesn’t meet Microsoft’s ridiculous minimum requirements, thanks to an unofficial, official registry hack released by . . . Microsoft. Go figure!

Boadicea still runs the Chrome browser on Win 10 on both her machines – she’s had no problems whatsoever. My mobile runs the WordPress App on Android – no worries there, either.

Now that things have been corrected – in Edge or Windows or WordPress – you shouldn’t have any more trouble, but to be on the safe side you can follow the instructions below, if you like.

  1. Reboot your PC and wait for it to finish doing any setup thingies, like connecting to the Cloud or other hidden house-keeping stuff. Leave it for a few minutes to settle down while you make a cuppa, or have a fag, or pat the dog.
  2. Open the Chariot in your browser of choice.
  3. Go down to the bottom of the right-hand sidebar to the section labelled Useful Actions. The second line should say either Log in or Log out. If it says Log out, click on that, wait for the page to reload and then scroll back down to the same place – it should now say Log in.
  4. Click on Log in. The log in page will open, with the ID field showing the last ID you logged in with. If you click in that field, after the ID, a drop down list will appear with any IDs you’ve used to log in. Choose the one you want, then click Continue.
  5. The next page will ask for your password. If it’s stored on your PC, somewhere, it will be filled in for you, as dots. You can accept that or type it in yourself if you think it might be wrong – unusual, but it can happen.
  6. Click on Log In, then when your dashboard appears click on Boadicea’s Chariot near the top of the left-hand sidebar.
  7. All should now be OK. 😎

3 thoughts on “Having Login Problems?”

  1. I find it helps to have the computer plugged in and turned on. That way, Windoze (10), my favorite browser (Opera) and all those other things that eat my never-enough disk space work just fine.

    While I’m here, a very Happy New Year to all!

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