5 thoughts on “From Dunnet Head to Lizard Point”

  1. For the last few months, Like Sheona I have also been struggling to log in/on. I type in all the relevant details but as soon as I try to comment, post or access any of the dashboard I am logged out again. I’ve tried changing the password and logging in from different devices all to no avail. Maybe other bloggers are having this difficulty. I blame China.

    Somehow, I got on early this morning but, surprised, didn’t know what to say. Not wanting to waste my time at the crease in case I was given out I rush released a travelogue blog to catch the Christmas market.

    Now onto more important matters.

    G’day Bearsy, the Ashes is upon us. I’ve managed to wrangle a week off work from Tuesday to cheer on the Queen’s II in Queensland. Cricket needs some good press in this country after all the racist revelations at Yorkshire and beyond. I recall the Tim Paine/Rishabh Pant good-humoured sledging and babysit banter between the players from a few series back. This resulted in Pant taking up the offer to babysit the bairns. All good clean fun and I told my wife, who has no interest in sport, that this is cricket at its best. You don’t get this type of thing with other sports. Time moves on and I have (Sheffield) shielded her from the exposure of Paine’s historic sordidness. If anything, TP is no great loss for the Aussies. Nevertheless, I’m going five nil to England.

  2. Christopher, I think we can safely now heap all blame on Sturgeon. She’s to blame for everything wrong in Scotland and this can be extended to the whole UK.

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