4 thoughts on “I’m chapping”

  1. Strewth, never mind Strine, what does chapping mean in English (RP or Sarf Lunnon)? Google doesn’t tell me, nor does Bing. Sounds homophilic? Yuk! And what have crown bowls or dominoes got to do with it?

    Perhaps it’s just my senior’s myopia. 😎

  2. 😂😂 your comment cracked me up, Bearsy. 👍🏻 Just shows you what I’ve always said google is overrated.

    The honest word that is chapping has no homo Implications. It is when your are stuck at dominoes and have to miss a turn. Don’t know what they do in other countries but up here, stern and wild, we pick up one of the useless dominoes and bang it on the table. This is called chapping. Your opponent now knows you are missing one or more of the numbers. This domino blog is to highlight another COVID casualty. Pub league dominoes. We’re not allowed to play it. Alas, Alad, Albgtus

    In other news, I’ve been following the plight of the Tasmanian whales. Well played for saving so many of them. Really sad to see.

  3. Ah! That rings a dim and distant bell in the depths of my fading memory. Thanks for the explanation.

    I learnt dominoes as a youngster in Sussex from various rellies, and then played a few times, many years later, in Sunderland pubs with my then father-in-law. I think we tapped the table twice, or sommat like that. But I was a pub dart player by choice – quite bad at both generally, but had occasional flashes of adequacy on the ocky. 😎

    Haven’t touched a domino since I came to Oz – no worries.

  4. My two little granddaughters enjoy playing dominoes with me, though I have to keep an eye on them. Consequently I have taught them what “chapping” means. Hope it might get passed down the generations. I remember my own grandfather teaching me. Sorry the word didn’t get transferred to Australia. Obviously not enough domino playing criminals!

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