It’s just not cricket!

After many decades of ceaseless rivalry, Australia recently inflicted a stunning victory over its arch enemy, England. With the same never-say-die spirit that the nation’s soldiers exhibited at Gallipoli, an episode in history that came to define the stubborn nature of that young country, Australia brought England to its quivering knees.

The victory that ended with more of a whimper than the bang that may have been anticipated by the citizens of a once proud nation that governed an empire on which the sun never set, will nevertheless have moved the men and women from ‘down under’ to hold their heads up with pride as the enormity of what had been achieved in their battle with their former colonialists sank in. Who would have thought that in the end it would boil down to three simple words? But that is what it took for Australia to finally overcome its nemesis. As the captain of the sinking ship that is England finished making his address, the dwindling numbers of Anglophiles at home and right around the world hung their heads in shame, the words echoing in their ears. “Dob thy neighbour.”

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