Going, Going…Gone?

As the weather was even good for rocket launching I decided to give my 1969 Trabant 601 a blast. That Antonine wall needs breached.

Durham is nice, good for the eyes apparently, and a full tank would get me there.

Ahh Durham, home to a place called Barbara Castle, I’ll drink to that. I put my seat belt on and went the distance. Safely, of course.

The Trabi broke down just like a satellite dish. I’m in a bit of trouble here and a bloke that looks like Ilie Nastase is giving me the evil eye.

Stay home. Stay safe. Nuff said.

4 thoughts on “Going, Going…Gone?”

  1. Trabants were never known for their quality or reliability. Surprisingly, you can still see them on the road in the BRD. In August I’ll travel to the former DDR — Erfurt, Potsdam, Berlin before going to Denmark and back to the former West.

  2. Safe travels in the east, Christopher.
    My East German knowledge is limited to the football teams I read about in the 70s/80s publication Shoot with their European league tables.
    Dynamo Dresden, Dinamo Berlin (why the two variants? Puzzled the young me), Lokomotiv Leipzig and the magnificently named Sachsenring Zwickau.

  3. All this talk of East Germany reminds me of a wonderful 1984 film called Top Secret starring Val Kilmer. This song was from the final credits. Skeet Surfin’, a Beach Boys parody.

  4. TR: I’ve never actually been to the former DDR. There was a time, not too long ago, that I was set to resume a comfortable middle class lifestyle in California, but with that postponed indefinitely, if not gone for good, I’m left with the remnants of a summer holiday in Europe. I’m out the money and having to start from scratch at the last minute anyway, so why not make the most of it?

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