8 thoughts on “It’s a Drone’s world”

  1. Sorry to hear of your anxiety problems, Christopher. I’m lucky in managing to live my life stress free. The hackneyed, stay positive and just get on with it works for me. I would have thought that with the power of reading that you do your mind would have kept the black dog at bay. Nonetheless, glad to hear your tonic raised your spirts.

    My brew is more simplistic. A good strong cup of English Breakfast. Though, I often wonder why Ceylon still gets included as one of the blends. Which fuels my curiosity into why isn’t the great southeast Asian snake renamed the Myanmar python? And from this slippery slope I come to the Persians with their cats n that..

  2. Now you have got me started. I know rugby is not your cup of tea, Sri Lankan or otherwise, but do you think it only a matter of time before England and Scotland compete for the Kolkata Cup? And I am sure you will agree that Mumbai Duck does not have quite the same sound even if it smells the same.

  3. And what about that delicious Chinese concoction Peking Duck? I have never seen it described as Beijing Duck!

  4. I spent the first half mentally fighting the lockdown and feeling like shit.
    The second half, with the help of my dear better half, I learned to roll with it and enjoy what I had, rather than miss what I didn’t.
    I now feel so much better for it.
    Oh, and it’s always English Breakfast to wake up (Typhoo), Earl Grey or Assam with breakfast and red fruits tea in the afternoon.

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