The New EV Chariot

A side view, so that I don’t have to blank the rego plates. ğŸ˜Ž

Here we go! Everything is fine, except for the hundreds of pages of User Manual that I have to plough through every time I want to use or change a function.

It’s eerily quiet – spooky in Strine – but it does everything it’s meant to do with just a hint of a superior smirk if we don’t phrase our request in exactly the correct way. But we’re learning fast!

We’re trying to name her, but we haven’t yet reached agreement on what her name should be. Can any kind Charioteer make a suggestion? 😊

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

8 thoughts on “The New EV Chariot”

  1. I know it is bad form to disparage either of a chap’s prides and joy (pride and joys?), but my first thought was “Fugly”, then, remembering THAT signpost on the Bruce Highway, I consider “Whyaren’twethereyet” to be the kinder alternative.

    Sorry, but I foresee a classic Holden Monaro or similar on the driveway before the year is out.

    At least for the time being Boadicea can enjoy the rare pleasure of having car doors opened for her following the old adage that if you see a gentleman handing a lady into a car, you can be sure he has only recently acquired one or t’other. 🤔


  2. Thanks very much, kind Charioteers.

    Araminta – I think Joules is brilliant, technologically apposite and also the moniker of my favourite daughter-in-law, though hers is spelled slightly differently. ğŸ˜Ž

    On the other hand, Boadicea considers Cog’s suggestion to be brilliant (she knows all about Electra but Joules are arcane folklore to her).

    JW’s suggestion is awesome – a DC battery driving an AC motor – Ich liebe!

    Christopher’s is solid middle-of-the-road – thank you, good Sir – whereas OZ’s is steadfastly OZ-ish. It’s more likely to be a 2CV than a Holden, old chap (Yuk – I was always a Ford man); the Ioniq won’t fail, though.ğŸ˜Ž

  3. I am deeply shocked, not because we are now all riding in a Hyundai Chariot EV, but because our much appreciated and respected technical director has come out and brazenly admitted, without the merest hint of shame or apology, to having been a Ford man.

    Ironiq, or what?


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