Dysfunctional Canadians

One thing I like about the gym I belong to is that I can watch Netflix on most of the exercise equipment. Recently, I’ve been watching a Canadian television programme: “Under Arrest”. It follows police throughout Canada as they make arrests and deal with crimes. One thing that struck me is just how many dysfunctional people there are in Canada. The Americans are accused of having problems, a fact they don’t deny. Canada is portrayed as some sort of paradise which, clearly, it is not. Has anyone else had their eyes opened about a place that is perhaps more celebrated than it should be?

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

3 thoughts on “Dysfunctional Canadians”

  1. Scotland, which not only has the wee ‘Eck, Nicola Krankie and the SNP, but a governing body that is proposing to give free bus passes to druggies, presumably so they can broaden their horizons regarding new places to go shoplifting and committing burglary.

    France where little Micron is up to his apricots in Gilet Jaune protesters every weekend, not that it is much reported.


  2. Oh, but Canadians are such very *nice* people and are more than proud to be seen that way. Take this from an article entitled “5 ways to drive like a Canadian” that appeared in this morning’s *Vancouver Sun*:

    “You hold the door for the person at the bottom of the stairs, you’d never eat the last Timbit, and you know how to say ‘sorry’ with a mouthful of coffee. You’re Canadian, and polite, and you drive like it too. Thank you, polite Canadian… Being mindful of each other is one of the key tenets of our culture. Respectful, considerate, and polite are the traits that set Canada apart from so much of the world.”

    As for other places, although still much admired by ‘Murrican tourists, the UK is, lamentably, no longer what it once was. Except for the relative peace and safety of the airports, I’d make it my business to go nowhere near London. What strikes me as strange is that the British people, rather than taking a firm stand on problems that really matter, such as leaving the (expletive deleted) EU, all too often get all wound up in trivia. It seems that dobbing one’s neighbor in for things like, say, parking two inches over a line has become a national pastime. I darkly suspect that it’s all down to a feeling of powerlessness, doing what little they can against others in order to compensate in some small way for their legal inability/governmental unwillingness to deal properly with criminals or for their elected officials seeming to remain untouchable while ignoring their mandate and going their own foolish ways.

    With apologies to my Canadian neighbors, I’m not about to try saying “sorry” with a mouthful of coffee because I don’t want to spray it all over my keyboard. I do, however, intend to visit you in the not too distant future, if only to buy some French crullers from the Tim Horton’s doughnut chain.

  3. OZ: France is going the way of Italy and Greece. Macron has proven to have an almost autistic inability to relate to the majority of France and the majority of French, yet he’s treated as some sort of statesman and great leader. He competes with our very own Toxic Tess for being one of the most universally despised leaders at home.

    Cog: The world’s on its arse. My mother once received a parking ticket in San Francisco for parking one inch — one inch! — too far. The eejits got on their paws and knees, took out a ruler and measures that. I have not seen much like that in Dorset, but I hear that it can happen and the like are as popular as a lady of the night with open sores. It’s worse in Britain’s sphincter, I mean, London. Miserable, insufferable, smug. I go there for the airports and the airports alone. If I could, I’d stick with regional airports like Southampton or Bristol, but they only fly to god-awful places like Europe so I have no choice but to go to London.

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