3 thoughts on “A Matt classic”

  1. I’ve clicked ‘like’ – even tho’ I’m only assuming, Janus, that you are referring to the event supposed to happen in the UK …

    I have given up reading about what is going on.

    I literally feel sick that the oldest continual democracy, created (oddly enough by a Frenchman in England in 1158) in an attempt to limit absolutist monarchical power by including the ‘important’ members of the realm in a ‘Parliament’ (Speaking Place), has now assumed the role of absolute dictators by determining to ignore the wishes of the very people who voted them into their positions.

    I’m sure that Simon de Montefort might well have problems with the fact that the ‘little people’ of England (and what is now the UK) were given the power to elect people to the Commons, and indeed, would have been appalled that the Commons attained such power.

    But the ‘little people’ did – and the Commons now has such power that medieval monarchs could only dream of…

    … and they are abusing that power in such a way as to end democracy in Britain.

  2. I share your consternation, Boa. Parliament’s inability to agree on a plan and Brussels refusal to let go on reasonable terms! Just add the meddling meeja and it’s chaos.

  3. Parliament, as usual, is behind the times. Europe is crumbling and falling into disaster just as they’re trying to insist that it’s the best thing in the world. The centre isn’t holding and nothing can be counted on any more.

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