7 thoughts on “Living on an Island”

  1. JW, your heroes starred in a TOTP retrospective on telly the other day, barely recognisable in their frilly, pre-denim mode!

  2. The “Matchstick Men” era was before my time, J. Saw them support Queen at Knebworth in 1986.

    During Quo’s set one of their roadies climbed onto the roof of the stage and started head banging to one of their songs. This made the crowd go wild. The Quo boys, naturally, thought it was their virtuosoness that was ramping up the excitement. Post-gig when they found out, they sacked the offender. Garbage band and garbage attitude.

  3. A lot of virtuoso permutations in three chords, J-Man.

    Then, to mix it up, for other Over the World Rockers, the E A D combinations. A bit more technical than building paper planes. Again and again they had their ice in the sun.

  4. The Pogies front man’s Christmas collaboration, Fairytale of New York is Under Pressure (I can’t help myself) of being banned for using the previously derogatory word faggot.

    Quite right, ban the whole Pogues and their “musical” coevals back catalogues. Garbage, the lot of it.

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