15 thoughts on “I wonder where they’ve all gone?”

  1. Work has been all-consuming lately. One of my co-workers managed to break his foot so I’ve had to cover a few of his shifts. The term started last week, so I’m busy with two jobs at the moment. I might come up with a blog post this weekends — a rant about the generally horrendous state of food.

  2. Flew in from Brisbane last night…..

    Too tired to attempt a parody of the Beatles parody of the Beach Boys. As much as I enjoyed Australia and for all the chaos that currently surrounds us here, it is good to be back in Zimbabwe.

    I will write a post about the trip at some stage.


  3. Still here, lurking in the background. I do wonder what happened to Ferret, Pseu, Low Wattage, Bravo, Janh et al. And what about Soutie? Have I missed something?


  4. I should add that my son received a very nice package yesterday morning around 6am.
    Two healthy boys, weighing four and a half pounds each.
    I am a very lucky granddaddy. One daughter with twin girls and one son with twin boys.

  5. O Bear of Much Brain , they have moved on, I suppose. They have time to do whatever pleases them – which clearly excludes us!😰

  6. The Chariot lacks a stupid. Everyone needs a Roo to voice opinions that are so unbelievably irritating that you simply have to comment. 🙂

  7. Oh, I could fill that roll with ease.
    What about my opinion that our vilified, incompetent, weak, dishonest Theresa May will become our national hero before March 29th next year.
    She will be praised by the EU big names, praised by her party and go down in history as the force that saved the UK.


  8. Christopher and I had arranged to meet Bravo but he never turned up. As I recollect his son was suffering mental health problems and Bravo was looking after him at the time.

  9. I have been mostly:-

    1) Setting up a new Linux computer
    2) Replacing blown up Telly
    3) Sorting out car service and MoT
    4) Arranging with the missus a trip to Paris
    5) Helping next door neighbours with their leaking water main
    6) Watching England making slightly less of a hash of the Test Match than than the Indians
    7) Helping the missus organise a measles jab for our visit to Paris. She has never had one and never had measles as a child and it somewhat epidemic in Paris at the moment. NHS the envy of the world? Pah!!

    Next question.

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