Wessex Imperilled.

In spite of the hordes of grockle barbarians invading Dorset’s tranquil, rolling hills and beaches peace prevails.This delicate balance is under threat as Wessex faces a Viking invasion next week. How will Wessex respond? Will we survive? Watch this space…

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

2 thoughts on “Wessex Imperilled.”

  1. Marauding Norsefolk are always a t(h)reat! They drink hard, swear in English and empty your fridge when they leave.

  2. Janus: To be fair, this is a very, very tame specimen. He also knows better than to argue with, provoke, irk, cajole or otherwise annoy me. I’ve blended British contempt with Hunnish brutality and people know that a nasty surprise lurks beneath the surface. The question is if Dorset is prepared for his arrival. I suspect that he can leave his longboat moored at Southampton, risk of graffiti and said longboat getting turned into a rubbish bin being entirely on him.

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