Lost and found

Where did you get it? I won it. I picked it up. I came across it. Answers that might denote its less-than-conventional origin. Personally I avoid any event resembling a flea market but millions of people love ’em. It’s the thrill of the chase and the improbable but tempting idea that treasure might be there for the picking.

So perhaps I shouldn’t be shocked to read that someone found an elegantly packaged glass bottle, presumed it was perfume, presented it to his lady-love……….and poisoned her with a deadly nerve-agent. But I am. Yes, it’s the antidote to serendipity. Someone will probably calculate the odds against the man’s ill-fortune. But I doubt it will spell the end of garage sales or expeditions with metal-detectors – or the temptation simply to snag things lying around the town.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

6 thoughts on “Lost and found”

  1. I’m with Bearsy on this one.
    There are three essential requirements needed in an effective nerve agent. One, it has to be highly contagious . Two, it’s got to be absolutely lethal and three, it must biodegrade fast enough that the side employing it can safely occupy the territory before the enemy have had the time assemble a large enough force to contest their advance. As a so called “military grade” nerve agent, this is a miserable failure on all three counts. Only one of the half a dozen who came into contact with it died, it didn’t spread and, if this last bit about the container is true, it didn’t degrade either. Indeed, I suspect you’d have achieved a higher fatality rate by leaving a street full of Reliant Robins with full petrol tanks and the ignition keys in them.

  2. We-e-ell, jh…….if the alleged Novichok was used to attack a single dissident Russian (or two), it didn’t need to be contagious or biodegradathingy or particularly special. In fact it seems to have been fit for purpose! If I had been the carrier of said poison, I too would have discarded it anywhere convenient to avoid being caught holding the baby (as it were) and/or being infected myself. So far it looks like Poot’n 1, MI5 nil.

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