Slimeball’s book

Missed. Missed. Missed.

It was a catalogue of misses. No wonder Scotland are tripe at football when youngsters are messing about with a football throwing it at a basketball net. Missed. And from an easy distance, no one would shoot from downtown. Missed again. Just don’t get American sports at all. Too many “Hail Mary’s” in them for my liking.

The problem, as I could see it, was that the boys were not statuesque or Sipuesque. They were too short to be stormhoopers. They needed to be the size of the mountainous, non-basketball playing, ex-FBI chief, James Comey. I wanted to shout “Chief, just jump up, and put it in the basket.”

American politics aren’t my bag of tricks either. Nonetheless, the repercussions from the firing of the FBI boss by Donald Trump is still reverberating around DC so I bought the Comey book (half price at WH…a bargain) and found it an easy read. The big guy has been promoting it stateside. I watched his performance on the BBC’s America This Week last week. Refreshingly, he answered a lot of questions the way I answer them. “I don’t know” cropped up frequently.

There is one funny incident in the early part of his biography where he describes spilling gallons of milk while working in a grocery. Apart from this Fools and Horses moment the book is rather drab. The details of the Clinton E-mail investigation and Trump Russia connections are  sketchy and unfulfilling. His one on one joust with the President of the USA is an ongoing game. Which one will, ultimately, put it in the basket?

5 thoughts on “Slimeball’s book”

  1. It will be an unedifying nothing. If Comey had something, he would have released it already. He’s trying to make money when he has the chance. Trump is an arse, but there’s little about him that isn’t a known quantity.

  2. Haw JW.

    1. Had to Google JC, height-wise. 6’8″ is, admittedly, atmospherically, inconceivably lofty for most Weegies.

    2. Are we allowed to do ‘Hail Mary’ jokes in Caledonia (stern and wild) these days?
    Mind, I suppose it’s all right as long as we don’t sing them.

    3. Smiley thing for ‘stormhoopers’. Seriously amusing.

    4. Happy 20 years and 1 day after! I was there at C-word Park when Colin C and Stephane A ended our 42 year wait by humbling you lot 2-1. ‘O frabjous day’.

    5. Comey can only ever be peripheral damage for DT. In Mueller I trust.

  3. CT:
    Thanks for your comment. “Unedifying nothing” roughly translates to me as a bore draw. Handbags at dawn, even.
    Good luck with the upcoming dental work.

    1. Size doesn’t matter, just ask…um, em, short people.

    4. We should have got a last minute penalty in that game. That Slimeball Willie Young denied Super Ally the chance to go out on a high. (While we’re at it. Joyously, Ta Ta Thistle and good riddance).

  4. TR: That is exactly it. Comey was in inept, incompetent head of the FBI who well and truly deserved to be dismissed. McCabe is just as bad. Even the noxius Mueller isn’t really coming up with anything interesting. It’s starting to turn into a post-Watergate farce in which all sides are being shown to be crooked, self-serving and corrupt. Nothing that Mueller has uncovered isn’t par for the course DC. Trump’s lawyer gets special contracts to work as a consultant as he has special insight to an unorthodox president? Obama appointed major donors to his campaign to ambassadorships and rewarded a key figure in his 2008 campaign with one of the plum appointments, US Ambassador to Japan despite having no real qualification for the position other than being the daughter of JFK. Even I am more qualified than she was! Bush surrounded himself with trusted friends from Texas, including granting them a great deal of influence and recommending them for appointment to high offices.

  5. I’m not going to argue with any of your points, Christopher. As I said politics isn’t my natural habitat. What I will say is that, in this layman’s opinion, despite his monstrous height Comey doesn’t come across, in print or “live”, as a confident person. He is hesitant and not a born leader. Makes me wonder how he managed to become FBI chief.

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