Bloody Voters

Well, this wasn’t supposed to happen. The Tories have been in power since 2010. The hapless/hopeless/charmless/unloved/useless Toxic Tess’s government has a 29pc approval rating. Saint Jeremy of Islington walks on the Thames every day on his way to Parliament. The enthusiasm of young voters will make historical gains inevitable. Wandsworth, Westminster and Barnett will go Labour causing a Tory collapse in all parts of London, blah, blah, bloody blah. So far, neither party has done especially well but the Tories have held their own. That Labour are so desperate to spin an underwhelming performance as a great success makes one wonder if Saint Jeremy is even more useless and Toxic Tess.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

10 thoughts on “Bloody Voters”

  1. I have promulgated for years that we need a repeat of Guy Fawkes, considering the state of the Houses of Parliament in both their physical state and their ‘inmates’, it has become a positive imperative if not well overdue!
    A cleansing of the Augean stables?
    A great pity it could not be co-ordinated to outshine the upcoming Windsor farrago and give the citizenry something splendid to enjoy.
    Nothing like a good bonfire.

  2. And as they were local elections lets have a go at the town halls too!
    A pox on all their houses.

  3. The Palace of Westminster is a money-making machine. People from around the world are willing to pay £20-£25 to take guided tours! They can easily pull in tens of thousands a day during peak season. I took the tour once, I’d be more than happy to take it again. I do, however, think that Parliament hasn’t quite been the same since Cromwell’s head was destroyed in the fire. I’d very much like to see Ted Heath’s head take its place, although a good, Celtic-style assemblage of impaled crania might add some spice to the décor, create a certain atmosphere…

  4. Bah humbug, the pair of you.

    CausT, as you well know, we (the Tories) have not been in power since 2010. For 5 years thereafter, we had to bear the fardels/total wastes of breath that were, and are, the Liberal Democrats.

    In 2015, David C. borrowed from Bunyan by doing a Christian and losing that burden. Then, as a matter of principle, called a referendum which destroyed UKIP.

    OK. it destroyed him as well but hey! Omelettes etc!

    Today, I attended the East Region conference of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist party. Over 2oo people there of whom about 40% were MEPs, MPs. MSPs or Councillors. Two years ago, we had 1 MEP, 1 MP, 15 MSPs and less than 100 Councillors. That’s now 2, 13, 31 and 276.

    In the 2017 election, the SNP lost 21 MPs and 500,000 voters. The 13 Scots Tory MPs that we sent down to Westminster meant that TM was able to put together a deal with the DUP to deliver Brexit.

    This despite the fact that most Scots Tories probably voted Remain. You have to understand that we are Unionists who believe in sharing sovereignty with our fellow Britons. It follows that we tended to have a more relaxed attitude to sharing things with our fellow Europeans.

    Or did. From the conference today, it is clear that we are now overwhelmingly in the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ camp. We don’t want another referendum for either Independence or Brexit under any circumstances.

    So, CausT, slag off TM all you want. She will not get emptied before we get the final Brexit offer and she will not get ceased at all if that works out OK.

    Which I believe it will. Distinct signs of blinking on the EU side if we can keep the Lords and Soubry etc. under control.

    CO, good evening. You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. I personally am looking forward to celebrating the Harry/Meghan nuptials. They seem to me to be thoroughly nice young people who deserve all the best wishes we can offer them.

  5. MMm, anyone who changes her religion three times prior to marriage hardly qualifies as a thoroughly nice young person in my book. Opportunistic maybe, ‘nice’, no.

  6. Few yooman beins would be judged as ‘nice’ if subjected to royal meeja scrutiny. Are you? Am I?

  7. PS I find the idea of ‘changing one’s religion’ somewhat confusing. Surely any serious adherent of any system of beliefs adheres on the basis of akshully committing oneself to it – and not just for social convenience? ‘Arry’s intended clearly disagrees.

  8. PPS I can’t speak for Tories or Socialists but as long as only one party has the brains or brawn to govern it will keep the job, whatever shortcomings its leader displays. Corbyn’s total failure to control anti-Semitism in his party will continue to alienate voters and cement the status quo.

  9. Sorry JM, but I have to agree with Christina as regards Ms Markle or Mrs whatever her married name is. She strikes me as an opportunist, ready to discard friends and relatives who are no longer of use. I think there are a lot of similarities between her and Wallis Simpson, and I do wish the press would stop describing her as “Hollywood” when she was a minor actress in a Canadian soap who never made the grade in Tinseltown.

  10. JM: I was not being entirely serious. You see, I utterly despise the Cur-bin and his ilk. I have a certain respect for some Labour MPs such as Kate Hoey, etc. I also have a degree of respect for some of the positive changes that Labour’s policies have brought to the UK over the decades — universal education, improved working conditions, improved access to healthcare, etc. I am, and will always be, a dyed-in-the-wool Tory, however. Some pro-Brexit MEPs have said that one of the main reasons why the EU has been so recalcitrant is because it wants to see how much damage the likes of Clarke, Soubry, Greening, etc. can cause the British government’s stated position that “Brexit means Brexit”. If the fear of seeing the government collapse would mean that the PM buckles and agrees to a customs union of sorts and EEA membership, then remoaner factions in the UK would have done the EU’s job for it.

    As you will surely recall, I have long been a Brexiteer. I understand Britain and I understand the Continent. The two have never been especially compatible. Britain has, like Russia, long been a major “European” power that was never entirely European in its outlook, temperament and disposition. Britain, since the reign of Henry VIII and, especially, Elizabeth I has been a maritime country with a keen interest in Europe, but just as many, if not more, interests elsewhere. The United Kingdom of the post-modern era is no more compatible with whatever passes as a notion of a “European” future than Tudor England was with the Holy Roman Empire. I want to like Theresa May. Really, I do. For all her faults, she’s a great improvement over Cameron and Georgey Blow and Hoes. Still, she has made a number of own-goals and she seems intent on making more. The “customs partnership” is ludicrous. Her intentions are not entirely trusted by many Brexiteers and making the same mistakes over and over again isn’t endearing. I have to hope that she sticks to her guns and gets the job done. She might just be remembered in a favourable light if she does.

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