Folly in the fens

My picture, courtesy of today’s Times, illustrates the error of cantabrigian ways. They encourage tourists to believe they can have fun there, and the steersman stands on the wrong end of his craft. ‘Twas ever thus.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

13 thoughts on “Folly in the fens”

  1. Looks like Europe is having a bit of a rough winter.
    We had 4″ snow last week that promptly melted in a day flat.
    You should get much less snow in Sussex than Denmark, Kent gets it instead with the N Downs creating a rain shadow effect from NE winds.

  2. CO, we’ve had 30-0dd cm so far! That’s over a foot in old money! The snow-plough did its job yesterday – and there was promptly a heavy fall. My new Sussex area boasts the most hours of sunshine in the UK! (May be not alone though.)

  3. Meanwhile in Dorset… Schools are closed and shelves at supermarkets are unusually bare. The entire county is in a panic because… There “might” be 2″3″ of snow over two days.

  4. Probably just students posing for the photographer, Janus. Or Chinese tourists desperate to say they did go in a punt.

  5. Sheona, I’d believe the Asiatic alternative. I saw their compatriots in July, desperate to be punted and photoed.

  6. Pembroke is one of the Cambridge colleges that has the right to stop traffic and clear the street for their graduands to process to Senate house. At daughter’s PhD graduation last April it was quite entertaining to watch the crowds of Chinese/Japanese tourists being hustled on to the pavements by college porters resplendent in their best uniforms. And no complaints.

  7. Sheona, as CT will confirm, they are predisposed to authority as expressed by uniforms!

  8. Janus, do pack some of your snow clearing equipment for Sussex. The weather report from the family there last night was not good.

  9. Ah, Sheona, the joys of down-sizing! My bijou pied-à-terre has a lift and panoranic views of any winter landscape – and a man to clear away the white stuff.

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