6 thoughts on “BBB”

  1. Good cartoon .

    I’m sure a bridge would be successful, but as we already have the tunnel + lots of big ferries it isn’t necessary.

  2. I wish someone would boot Theresa the Appeaser out of No 10, just as long it is not Jeremy the Tramp.

  3. Most stupid idea ever. That twenty miles of water has saved us so many times it isn’t true.
    I’d flood the tunnel too.
    Keep the fuckers out, whichever and whatever fuckers, current models etc!

  4. CO: I agree with you. The Chunnel causes us nothing but grief. The revolting amphibians know that they have us in a bind at the best of times because they ultimately control that side of the border. Flood it and return any and all unauthorised travellers to their point of departure. That is, after all, the international standard!

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