Transformation Complete

. . . so what’s new?

The new look for the Chariot is finished.

Almost everything is the same as it was on the older Chariot, but there are a few extras –

  • Everything works properly.
  • It’s easier to read.
  • It’s now smart mobile friendly.
  • There are no adverts!
  • You can do more with pictures in posts.   For example Featured Image and Subtitle, both used above, and clever handling of larger pictures (not illustrated).
  • You can also do some nifty formatting with text in posts.   I’ll post some examples later.

Post as many critical comments as you like; you may well detect something that I have missed.   Other than that – enjoy!

32 thoughts on “Transformation Complete”

  1. Greetings, Bearsy.

    Staying up and killing time until ‘we’ hump Oz for the third time in a week!

    To be fair to myself, I’ve always believed that the 5 day version of the game is a wee bit overrated and never a true test of cricketing ability, especially when compared to the true test of skill and grit that is an ODI.

    Not true, of course. In truth, just happy to claw back vestiges of respectability after ‘our’ abysmal performance in the Ashes series.

    Anyhow, the New Look is looking good. Thanks for all your hard work .

  2. Hello JM, good to see you.

    I was surprised at how well we pulled together in the Ashes, and equally surprised at how badly your guys performed. But this has been totally reversed in the ODIs, so far. Beats me.

    I was just about to turn the TV on and watch us lose the Series. 🙂

  3. Good toss to win. Your best chance is to put ‘us’ in, given that ‘we are’ so good at chasing.

    If your fast bowling triumvirate perform as well as they can, it might well be 1-2 by the end of the day.

    Still don’t understand why Nathan is not being picked, Oz-wise. Steady bowling which stifles batting and always threatens wickets, superb fielding and solid batting.

  4. Bearsy, thank you – a very user-friendly result. Was there an IB 1?

    Cricket-wise (if anybody really is) England are looking vulnerable at 155-5 with 13 left.

  5. Haw Janus, if you are still around just now. Do they show the cricket live in Denmark (cold and profound) or are you TMS’ing/Googling?

    Whatever. skyline-wise, I’m guessing obvious with Brisbane. Or, as I am reliably informed by said TMS, its alternative name of Brisvegas.

  6. Moving on, Janus, I agree with you about the user-friendly bar. But, as Bearsy has already indicated, his new version is a work in progress. One can only hope that the invaluable information on link insertion etc. will reappear.

    Game on again. C’mon England!

  7. Janus – yes there was, but not for long as events overtook it. Don’t worry about it.

    Janus – Possibly, it’s the Brisbane CBD seen from the lookout on Mount Coot-tha.
    kuta = honey in local speak.

    JM – The turnaround was spectacular – I think that’s the series gone and dusted. 😢

    Both – yes, there are lots of bits and pieces still to be added – I did say so . . .

  8. Thanks, B and
    JM, no live cricket in this Viking wilderness, except the occasional Big Bash interlude from foreign parts. The culture here is more about simple games like handball or others if a local hero/ine is in the news.

  9. Love the look of the new site. Thanks for your efforts, Bearsy. On the new masthead I can just see the top of the Story Bridge and where I used to live on Kangaroo Point. Sob!


  10. JM
    On your comment re Nathan- you, me, Bearsy , and quite a few others are also mystified. It seems that our selectors think that there is no place in either ODI or T20 for spin bowlers.

    There are also a few other cricketers who are performing extremely well who just don’t get a look in. There seems to be a definite ‘personality’ bias in the selection process.

    And, by the way, I didn’t think Smith was out!

  11. Bearsy, I managed recently to stop ‘likes’ being reported to my email address, but now they are back. Help, please!

  12. Janus – it’s a setting somewhere on your Profile. Possibly you changed it inadvertently when you changed your picture? There’s nothing I can do – soz. 🐻

  13. Thank you for your efforts Bearsy. Not that I could see much wrong with the old site.

  14. Yes Jazz – I agree! And it solves your problem – one that most of us didn’t know existed!!!

  15. And a very happy Australia Day to Boadicea and Bearsy with a big thank you for the continued evolution of The Chariot. Hope you have an excellent barbie with a whole slab just for yourselves and stuff the self-obsessed, pink-painted begrudgers in M*lbo*rne (and all of the QWERTY fraternity in S*dn*y too).


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