My reader may not remember 1963, owing to age or wha’ever, but it was a year when the Tories had little local difficulties as potentially disastrous as their current turmoil. They also made prurient reading – often referred to as the Keeler affairs, with her famous beau, Cabinet Minister John Profumo and a Russian diplomat, Yevgeny Ivanov.

We were entertained by Christine Keeler’s fellow ‘escort’, Mandy Rice-Davies, immortalised by her comment in Court when confronted by a Defence Barrister: ”Well ‘e would say that, wouldn’t ‘e?”

The gubmint fell and Labour’s Harold Wilson became PM.


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5 thoughts on “1963”

  1. “Ah yes, I remember it well …”

    Randy Mice Davies, Chrissie and the chair . . . and another anonymous event that gave rise to this song.

    What it was to be young šŸ™‚

  2. Yes, I also remember it. The guy who tried to shoot Simon Ward took a mini-cab to escape. Mini-cabs were a very new addition to the London scene at that time – there was only one company and Husband no 1 worked for them. The cab driver was pretty freaked out and jammed the airways so that the police could follow what was happening. Husband no 1 was not well pleased – since it stopped him from working. It wasn’t until the next day that the world learnt what had been going on.

    As for the ‘three young scruffs’ – he picked them (and the fourth) up one night after one of their performances in London. They were laughing and joking about the fact that they had played the same number five times consecutively – and no one had noticed because the audience had been screaming so loudly.

  3. Yes Janus, you are right. I have nephews: Simon and Stephen and I always get them confused too!

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