What a beauty!

Tum-te-tum-te-tum….Stuck a feather in his cap and called it Macaroni…..

Not only that, mes braves! He blew beaucoup de euros on face-paint too. Mais pourquoi?

  1. Does he have something to hide?
  2. Did he tell his wife, ‘I will if you will?’
  3. Does he want to look like Angela?
  4. Is he having an affair with his make-up artist?
  5. Is he advertising a well-known brand of cosmetics?
  6. Or wha’?

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

8 thoughts on “What a beauty!”

  1. He’s trying to outdo Blair. But why he can’t get his wife to apply the makeup, I don’t know. Is he so incompetent – don’t answer that, Christopher – he can’t even put a bit of slap on himself?

  2. One hack suggested Macron is trying to match de Gaulle. He’s up there with self-regard but grease-paint won’t raise his game by the necessary 30 cm.

  3. Not de Gaulle, Janus. That short, stout chap with the funny hat and waistcoat. The Corsican thug.

  4. I bet he has a boudoir where he can powder his nose. Luckily our rich, classically-based language provides enough images for me to avoid cries of ‘that’s not PC’!

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