A Pyrrhic victory?

The ever-vigilant meeja continue to report that the EUroprats are sneering at the efforts of the UK team to negotiate BREXIT, led by JC Juncker himself. But if it’s obvious to me it must also have struck others that the EU members have a lot to lose from driving the UK into a corner. Why? Because whether the EU’s feelings are hurt or not, the UK will remain an important trading partner. And trade goes both ways.

The Chambers of Commerce of Britain and Germany seem to have reached a similar conclusion, pointing out to the EU that businesses will suffer if more positive moves are not made – and soon.

Let’s hope that as their suntans fade the EU’s supercilious expressions will also give way to serious attempts at agreement. Otherwise, who wins?

Author: janus

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9 thoughts on “A Pyrrhic victory?”

  1. The problem is that the UK is dealing with europrats of the intellectual level of Barnier and Juncker. The former’s stupidity in telling the UK that it would be at greater risk of terrorist attacks if it left the EU demonstrates why he was removed from Hollande’s administration and shunted onto the EU, that collection of nonentities.

  2. Meanwhile, the Eurosycophant media in Germany have been railing against the British at every opportunity. Some time ago they interviewed a couple EU-fanatic Brits who’ve lived in Germany for years and treated them as if they were voices of reason. Now, they’ve published stories about Germans who lived in the UK for a number of years but have decided to return to Hunland. As they’ve little kind to say about our beloved sceptred isle, they were treated like sages. As my preparations for defection to the United Kingdom enter their final stages, I am receiving ever more frequent, shriller admonishments for doing something so rash.

    Realistically… There will be some fiddling with the dates. Say, the UK withdraws from the EU 29 March 2019 but remains in the common market and customs union for another 6-12 months until all details are sorted out. No one will be entirely pleased, but few outside the most adamant Brexiteers and foaming-at-the-mouth Bremainers will accept it and move on.

  3. The more I see and hear of all this the clearer becomes the reason for Europe starting two world wars.

  4. Jazz: The Huns will have Europe wrecked for a third time in a century before too long. They’ve sown the seeds of bitterness and distrust yet again and their bitter harvest will come soon. Brexit is really only a sideshow at this point. They just prefer to keep attention away from Europe’s growing imbalances and contradictions.

  5. Janus: The EU has always been rife with factionalism. The UK might have been the the black sheep, but quite a few countries in Eastern, Central and Northern Europe were reliant on Britain being the voice of reason. Even Germany and France relied on Britain to serve as a counterweight to balance the worst madness of the other. Ireland could only play the perfect European pupil because it could, in most circumstances, hide behind the more controversial Britannia. Now, there is no more balance or counterweight. Germany is increasingly deranged and out of control. France is apparently senile. Italy is spiralling out of control, Spain is too dysfunctional and Poland doesn’t know if it wants to be a modern, Western country or Russia’s estranged mini-me.

  6. I’m delighted today to see that The Brits are pointing out their opponents’ shortcomings at the ‘negotiations’ – intellectually and professionally. Say what one might but the British Civil Service is pretty damned hot!!

  7. Barnier, Juncker, Tajani and Verhofstadt have all done much to remove all doubt that the EU is the primary obstacle. One could, with the overwhelmingly biased media coverage, assume that the British were too muddle-headed. Now, however, it’s blatantly obvious that the EU refuses to negotiate and is doing all it can to either sow the seeds of chaos or force the UK into a humiliating position. The UK will have to work with the French, Spanish, Dutch, Swedes, Austrians, Finns and Danes to hammer out a solution that even the Huns will have to accept.

  8. I’ve given up looking at what is going on. It seems to me to be quite clear that the EU really thought that Britain would continue to be treated like a milch cow ad infinitum… and that none of those around the negotiating table have a) any historical knowledge and b) no understanding of the British psyche.

    The more I look at the people who are ‘leading’ the world I live in – the happier I am that I may not be around to see the mess they are making …

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