June 8th General election

This could be funny. As the election bill goes against the fixed parliamentary term bill, it will need a two thirds majority to pass through the house. As Labour, the Lib Dems and the Snp will all stand to lose out big time, we could see all the opposition parties voting to keep the Tories in power by voting not to have a general election. Shrewd move  Mrs M. 

12 thoughts on “June 8th General election”

  1. JL – Let’s hope so. I suspect our JM will be very busy convincing his fellow Scots to change their allegiance to the SNP.

  2. JL: There are many interesting things happening in Scotland at the moment. Labour are no longer a credible party north of the Tweed. Some polls, whatever they’re worth, show that they will receive 14pc of votes in the next council elections. For Scottish Unionists the Tories are essentially the party to turn to. With Scots overwhelmingly against another IndyRef and the Caviar Queen carrying on as painful as a cat in heat singing “Bohemian Rhapsody”…

  3. All the turkeys will vote for an early Xmas, all believing they can steal a march on the Tories by nicking support for a softer Brexit approach. With a bit of luck the Scots will recognise the opportunity to kick Salmond an Co. out of Westminster and the LimpDims nationally will be ignored.

  4. Fixed term parliaments are a big mistake. No history of them whatsoever in the UK. Too much the easy sinecure for slugs such as Camerperson. perhaps we ought to go back to calling them sporadically to stop the sucking at the public teat. Henry VIII managed to not call a parliament for over 8 years! Splendid stuff. Think of all that useless pestilential legislation NOT being passed.
    Bent bananas my arse!

  5. CO: I rather like the Texan system — regular sessions only every other year. For the rest of the time people have to actually work. At the same time, there is this delightful sunset clause that requires bureaux to be renewed every so often.

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