I note an article in the papers today about drones.

I personally abhor their use over other people’s personal property.  One had the temerity to crash land here in the garden!  What would have happened had it hit a dog or wrecked a plant?  I confiscated it immediately, put it in the dustbin to trap it and later took it out, hung it on the garage wall and eventually gave it to my gardener for his nephew, anywhere but here.  Had it merely hovered I would have shot it without a thought.  Nobody ever turned up to claim it.

What would you all do with the wretched things?

As a foot note to this , at our last place we had a gas pipeline jut behind the property, that is at the top of a five acre field.  A helicopter used to fly down the line every day checking for leaks.  Our neighbour, an elderly man, was convinced that it was the tax man spying on him so he routinely took his gun and shot at the helicopter.  This happened more than a few times.  I suppose he got a hit or too many near misses but some nice policemen turned up and explained that it really wasn’t the taxman and it was doing a useful service stopping the pipeline from blowing up his house and that he had better cease and desist before they had to do something about it.  He did.  No effort to remove his gun or licence of course or prosecute him in any way, shape or form!

I note people have been prosecuted for shooting them, I cannot understand why when they are an unwarranted intrusion of privacy.  More like give the bugger a medal for good shooting!!

Author: christinaosborne

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2 thoughts on “Drones”

  1. So far no drones have entered my air-space. I’m not sure what I would do if one did – I don’t have a gun so couldn’t shoot it down… and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t hit it anyway!

    I find it quite intrusive that anyone can fly the darn things over my property. But then, I’m afraid I find quite a few things intrusive – like dogs that are allowed to bark until I yell at their owners to shut them up… the owners are obviously in so why do they wait for me to yell!

  2. Drones strike me as a new dimension. They can be used to go where otherwise we can’t and therefore do what otherwise could be unthinkable. And they seem to have crept up on us without any outcry about illegal access or intrusion. Like so much robotic technology they seem to ‘push our envelopes’ like bad dreams.

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