It’s time for Basil to act

Yes, the charmingly slow Iberians are in need of a good slap. Poor dears, they’re mixing up their ideas even more than usual. So let’s help them to behave, shall we?

They don’t believe in self-determination for their regions – or anybody else’s. Or do they? OK, they now think Scotland deserves the chance. Fine. But Gibraltar still doesn’t.


Author: janus

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24 thoughts on “It’s time for Basil to act”

  1. If it’s a negotiating position, here’s a counter offer. We’ll give Gib a referendum on whether they want to remain as part of the UK if you’ll give Catalonia, Ceuta and Melilla (aka the population of Morocco) the same opportunity. Eso es justo no es así?

  2. JL: We can also insist that Spain cease its clearly illegal occupation of Olivença. It was, after all, illegally seized from Portugal and the Lusophone residents were treated terribly.

  3. Re Gibraltar: We should sit on our hands, do and say nothing and let the Spaniards make the first move.

    The EU is in a weak position, this makes them dangerous, they are likely to lash out in all directions saying and doing things not easily undone. Let’s hope there are some calm heads on the EU side who can keep the crazies in check bit I wouldn’t bet on it.

  4. I think you’re right Jazz. One of the problems with the EU is that it isn’t united about very much at all. It’s just a collection of national governments, all of whom are trying to get a larger share of the communal kitty than everyone else. The idea that they will all concur for long enough to arrive at a communally agreed set of terms for Brexit within the agreed timescale is, I think, at the least, implausible. One only has to look at how many years it takes them to complete trade deals, when they’re all supposedly on the same side, to gain an indication of the time negotiations will take to complete, if ever. I think Mrs M will be wise to prepare for the very real possibility that there will be no agreement in place at the end of the negotiating period.

  5. I have no doubt our eminent Civil Service is preparing all the ‘scenarios’. That is probably why the Rock was not mentioned earlier. We’re giving the idiots enough rope. Brexit is all about our sovereignty so Spain is unlikely to be allowed to challenge it.

  6. I find the whole scenario amazing. One would have thought that after some centuries of ‘dealing’ with the UK in its various guises, the European Countries would have learned better. Clearly they are very slow learners…

  7. Janus – ‘Excited’ is not quite the word I would use. As far as I can see, Spain ceded Gibraltar in perpetuity to Britain in 1713… not like Hong Kong which had a time limit … Which bit of ‘perpetuity’ does Spain not understand…

  8. Well the answer then was “send a gun boat”. As usual what has changed?
    Nothing, never does!

  9. If the Spanish and Argentinians hadn’t been so bellicose about Gibraltar and The Falklands they’d probably be in virtual possession of both by now.
    These countries should consider adopting a relaxed attitude towards British Overseas Territories.
    I guess it’s the Latin temperament that gets them into trouble.

  10. Would be rather fun to have some nice little territorial wars again. Nothing too exciting, just with other Europeans who understand these things All these nukes, drones and remote killings by missiles are incredibly unsatisfactory compared with cannons and broadswords. I do hope Christopher that there were some degree of greats in your grandfathers! Otherwise you all must be breeding as Methuselah! Mine were at Agincourt, actually in the cited lists from our ancestral village. Nothing like taking a poke at the Frogs!
    Ah well, we can only hope the Dutch sail up the Thames and raze Tower Hamlets, that would do us a serious favour to rid us of gimmigrants!
    But first we should blow the chunnel.
    Then we should initiate another crusade.
    Nothing wrong with a good daydream.
    Nuking North Korea just doesn’t do it!

    It is wonderful sunshine today, what is that strange and wonderful yellow orb hanging in the sky? Haven’t seen it in months. Off to plant my shallots, only three months late, the buggers would have floated away had I let them out any earlier.

  11. That is interesting janus, do you have any more info? make a good blog.

  12. CO:Yes, of course — I just couldn’t be arsed to write that many “greats”. Humbling Spaniards is terribly tiring. They’re so very daft. It seems as if ours were together at Agincourt. Perhaps we should join together for another go?

  13. Quite right dear boy! Much more fun to go at our traditional enemies, perhaps we should build some nifty little sailing ships to nip under their defences?
    Now that’s the original meaning of a hole in one~

  14. CO, the poor chap was Laurence Saunders, an accomplished academic cleric who upset the Catholics in 1555. The genealogical line is via my great grandmother’s ancestors who maintained Saunders’ Protestant tradition. Wikipedia has all the details.

  15. Bringing things up to date, The Cave is just across the Atlantic from Morocco and the Spanish enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla and the other seven or so ‘plazas de soberanía’, if you will excuse me the Thpanith language for once, not even to mention the continued occupation of the Portuguese territory of Olivença (Google is your friend if you need it), I am less than impressed by the hypocrisy from what is now nothing more than another minor, bankrupt EU fiefdom. Fekkemall!


  16. Oz: Now los dagos mas dodgies have decided that they will not block an independent Scotland from joining the EU. Spain has all the modesty of France, honour of Belgium, political competence of Italy and economic fortunes of Somalia.

  17. I read somewhere once that Heaven was where the French did the cooking, Spain provided the wine and the whole thing was organised by the Germans, whereas in Hell the Germans did the cooking, Belgium provided the wine and the whole resultant car crash, not that they would admit to any blame, was organised by the French.

    Like I said, fekkemall!


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