Cheer up!

The prophets of doom need a cause. The flavour this year is Brexit failing and the downfall of civilisation as we know it. Every hack has an informed source to prove the point; conspiracies, rebellions and incompetence abound in every corner of the Tory camp. Allegedly.

So may I respectfully aver that the Eurolands have no interest in a dead Brexit, whatever their unelected prats may say. In the next two years the wobbly wilderness aka the EU will be struggling to avoid further flounces, bankruptcies and distractions;  never mind scoring a famous own-goal by upsetting its almost-former member, their trusted trading partner.

So come on Ms May, do it on Tuesday and stick it to those self-satisfied Europrats.


Author: janus

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6 thoughts on “Cheer up!”

  1. My prediction… Article 50 will be triggered this week. Britons will largely retain the rights they’ve enjoyed thus far in Europe, Europeans living in the UK will continue to be allowed to live in the UK. Those living on the Continent with a job offer in the UK will be given a pro forma 5-year work permit without recourse to benefit. Financial services and insurance companies will face a few modest hurdles in the future and some jobs will be moved to the Continent — but it isn’t likely to be a catastrophic change in circumstances. The UK will still have to make a more modest contribution to the EU budget, but will be outside the Single Market and Customs Union. The EU will save some face, the UK will be out of the EU with largely what it wants.

  2. I hit “post comment” too soon. Forgive me, Backside, for I have sinned… Britons wanting to live on the Continent will probably face a “Spanish situation” in which they have to prove that they have a job or the means to support themselves and health insurance.

  3. Maybe it’s a crossing of the Rubicon, a declaration of war on the EUrostate. That was in January as it happens.

  4. Toldja! Nowt to worrit ower. And the French Connector said yesterday that he’d like to sort out what the UK ‘owes’ and the fate of EU nationals in the UK first. So it looks like he’s dansin’, if we’re askin’.

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