In a state of post-Spanish crisis I accepted a job offer from a school in China. Being naturally cautious, even more so after two nightmarish international moves, I inserted a clause in the acceptance agreement.Should there be any significant inconsistencies, contradictions or tangible changes to the written agreement prior to my departure they could lump it. I was informed that my preference for having a work visa issued on my primary, read: German passport was simply impossible and that I’d have to use a second passport to which I hold legal right through my father’s nationality. I only very grudgingly agreed to this. After all, should any problems arise I could do precious little to influence matters as that would, in extremis, require flying to California.

Over the week-end I was informed that a problem did arise. It seems as if the format of a California Department of Justice criminal record check was not acceptable to the Shaanxi police. They were, however, eager for me to go to town hall and put in an application for a criminal record check from the Federal Ministry of Justice in Bonn. They could then proceed to issue me a work visa for a different category. I feel very confident in my decision to put in an application to work part-time at a local supermarket in Germany.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

5 thoughts on “Harrumph”

  1. Generally I’d say that moving to far off climes is a bad idea while the US of A is finding out what their new President is about. The law of unintended consequences and all that.

  2. Araminta: Hunland is, at very least, predictable. I do know China quite well, hence my trepidation at the first sign of contradiction. Whether or not this is par-for-the-course bureaucratic chicanery is entirely irrelevant. My absolute confidence has been undermined and I’m not willing to move halfway across the world while ill-at-ease.

    Janus: Trump is louder than Clinton, but less aggressive militarily. Whatever the case, I’m perfectly happy to stay in Europe. If anything, this could hasten my planned move to the UK by half a year.

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