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I beg to differ, Justin. And I offer the K.I.S.S. mantra in celebration both of today’s romantic tradition and of common sense. The British attitude (yes, a generalisation, I know, but a well-documented one) to European unity post WWII was always to welcome uncomplicated trade ties but to be suspicious of political links. We were gradually entangled in the tentacles of a growing monster, allowing ambitious politicians too much rope and suffering the consequences. And voting to leave cannot be called a fascist act! If it can be termed a revolution , then it’s against the abuse of unelected power and the loss of British sovereignty, and in support of real democracy.

The EUroprats will seek to over-complicate Brexit, believing erroneously that procrastination will serve their cause, while many of the individual member states will wish to hasten a solution, to avoid disruption of bilateral relations with the UK.


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19 thoughts on “K.I.S.S.”

  1. Juncker recently gave an interview conceding two important points. The first is that he will not seek a second term as President of the European Commission. In a rare moment, for him, of grace he seems to have tacitly admitted that he lacks the ability/credibility to “lead” for a second 5 years. The second is that a united European position will be impossible. What Poland and Hungary want is not the same as what Germany and France want. The EU has become a hellish blob. It has all the worst of the French centralising bureaucratic tradition without anything resembling a sense of common purpose.

  2. Oh so right Janus! Many years ago, someone said to me that people, generally, liked to make life complicated – I disagreed – but the longer I’ve had to think about it – the more I become convinced that she was absolutely correct.

  3. Boadicea: Your friend was 100% correct people in general love to complicate matters, it takes real thought to keep things simple.

  4. None of this makes much sense, nor the article in the guardian if one doesn’t know what the acronym K.I.S.S. means!
    I don’t, never heard it before in my life.
    Please elucidate.

  5. Hello Mrs. O. SU should know that one. “Keep It Simple Stupid”. Often attributed to Kelly Johnson, Engineer at Lockheed martin for many years. Ran the “Skunk Works” designed lots of good planes, including the C130, probably one of the most successful military planes ever built.

  6. Thanks LW, strange, and I don’t know why, but I never understand acronyms, never seem to have come across them before half the time. I guess gardening is all about ghastly long latin names that are never abbreviated, otherwise you end up planting something ten times smaller or larger than you bargained for!

  7. FOCLUIPM (Falling Off Chair Laughing Until I Piss Myself)!!!

    LW: My own favorite military aircraft-related line is, “Good enough for government work.” A friend who was an electrical engineer with Grumman Aircraft (and even worked on the lunar module) told me that it was in common use in their factory. I seized upon it and have used it myself ever since.

  8. But acronyms apart, It occurs to me that Christians like Justin Welby probably regard capitalism, conservatism and other -ims of similar colour as unacceptable; social equality or communism being their goal.

    If so why doesn’t he say so, instead of voicing criticisms of British politics as being ‘fascist’, which they clearly are not.

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