Meg’s mate

This is your Court correspondent, reporting on the life and work of Snowdon, just call him Tony.

Of course those society snappers faced awful temptations. Some resisted, I’m sure; others, like Tony, indulged. But (again of course, given the the tempora and the mores) the extent of the indulgence was never revealed.

After Meg succumbed to the curse of her cigs, Tony continued to bat for both sides, taking his latest handsome squeezes to be entertained to dinner by ‘friends’.

A full-colour fella, eh? RIP.


Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

9 thoughts on “Meg’s mate”

  1. That’s the problem these days. People have no sense of decorum but are utterly one-dimensional. It’s Planet “Reality” Television and it can well and truly get stuffed — the sooner the better.He did what he wanted to do and he did it in such a way that he didn’t disgrace himself on a daily basis for short-term profit. What’s wrong with that?

  2. The father of one of my classmates at Kingston was a detective in the Met (DCI, I think). A questionable tip-off led him to lead a night-time raid on Tony’s pad, in pursuit of Class A drugs. They found no noxious substances, but they did interrupt Tony in spectacular dalliance with two (or was it three?) ladies who should have been at home with their upper-class families.

    We were sworn to secrecy, but I understand the event did no harm at all to the DCI’s career – he could certainly drink free for months on the strength of his bragging rights.

    But that’s a long time ago. Vale, Lord S.

  3. CT, assure Skippy that BS has his muzzle on. 😷

    Bearsy, chick-magnets like us can understand Lord S’s dilemma: to misbehave or disappoint! 😇

  4. Well I would far rather have that generation than the current crop of disgusting so called celebrities who have no class, style or breeding. Most of which are nothing more than high class whores and pimps.

  5. Janus: His Excellency, Lord Bushbatten is deeply wounded by Backside’s unforgivable cheek. He requests and commands me, his humble human servant, to inform him that he is to be called “Lord Bushbatten” and nothing less. Being a most gracious aristocrataroo he will forgive the slight this time — just — but may not be quite so gracious in the future.

    CO: I take exception to your use of the descriptive “high class”. It’s far too generous and street walkers often have little choice but to do what they do.

  6. CO, there you go, mincing words again.

    CT, Backside’s reply to Skippy is unsuitable for family consumption, as is often the case, referring to a suitable receptacle for his instructions. Hey ho!

  7. Janus: LB read Backside’s comment, sniffed and dusted off his hunting rifle. He fears that a bit of his favourite tipple might endanger Backside’s health, so he had three.

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