12 thoughts on “Double trouble”

  1. What about Farage’s loyal supporters? If I were one, I might feel a bit miffed or even betrayed. Still Teflon Nige usually get away with most things.

  2. Araminta: It’s really quite simple. So long as the Delightful Mrs May negotiates some sort of acceptable settlement with the EU, and the Great British Public are as usual strongly in favour of a muddle, he can say that UKIP’s raison d’etre has become a fait accompli and re-join the Tories. With UKIP effectively leaderless and without a strong reason to exist, they’ll fade into irrelevance. Naturally, Blessed Saint Nigel can say that he is simply trying to keep the Tories honest and the best way is from within the party.

  3. He would be right – and not for the first time. One may deplore some of his party’s policies (as with Trump) but he succeeded in galvanising opinion against the EU. He would therefore be an asset to Ms May who needs some non-elite voices behind her.

  4. Hadrian had the right idea. And the biggest tunnel in Rome was the Biggest Drain. How’s about pumping effluent through the Chunnel?

  5. CO: The problem with that is that most Britons happen to be rather fond of the free movement of goods, services and capital they’ve grown used to. Many also are rather attached to the idea of retiring to France, Portugal, Italy and some washed-out tourist trap just east of Portugal. Quite a few younger Britons are keen on taking working holidays on the continent. In short, they enjoy being able to live on the continent but would prefer Wogs, especially of the Balkan variety, to stay where they are.

  6. And do Continentals want English ghettoes in their countries? Not really, so why not limit the ‘mandatory freedoms’ to trade, capital and tourism?

  7. Janus: English colonies on the continent generally form in France, Portugal, parts of Italy and some washed-out tourist trap between the two former. They don’t necessarily “like” them, but they like the money they generate. Said washed-out tourist trap is so reliant on taxes collected on properties and continues sales to pensioners that despite their bluster, they’d be utterly buggered if it stopped. The likes of Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, etc. are extremely reluctant to give ground. It isn’t merely that they want to send their excess population West. During the Soviet era it was nearly impossible for them to travel, even to other Socialist countries, so they’re not willing to give it up. At the same time, it’s increasingly clear that the status quo ante is simply not tenable. Some precedent has been set for the reduction of benefits abuse and de facto limits on settlement. The Swiss impose quotas, the Germans and Dutch restrict benefits and the Swedes have started to do the same. There is also more and more discussion about sending undesirables back. It’s likely that some sort of muddle will be found in which there’ll still be some freedom of movement, but it won’t be absolute and the chaff can be sorted and sent back.

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