Airmiles is at it again

It’s been a while since I reported on the royals. Probably because Kate can do no wrong and Wills is doing his best, bless him.

But sources tell me that the PoW is side-lining his rapacious brother whose strings are obviously still being jerked by the inimitable Fergie. Andy’s been whining about his daughters’ having to work for living – which they seem do do but rather spasmodically – arguing that the Heir’s lads are fully subsidised royals. With his nose well and truly out of joint, Andy asked HM the Queen to intercede on his behalf – and got what can only be described as the bum’s rush from the Palace too.

Come on girls! Use your natural talents, tap into Daddy’s well-oiled connections, marry well – and Chuck’s your uncle!

Author: janus

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14 thoughts on “Airmiles is at it again”

  1. I must admit to having little time for Andy, none for Fergie and less than none for their offspring. OK, Randy did his bit in the Falklands, but so did thousands of others. It was a long time ago too and he seems to have done nothing since apart from pursuing a rather tacky, Tony Blairish lifestyle of freebies and self enrichment for little effort. His daughters have the misfortune of inheriting their father’s sense of entitlement and jaw line coupled with their mother’s sense of fashion and decorum, but that is absolutely no reason why they should not get out and do an honest day’s work if they so chose.

    For once I am with Janus on a royal issue. Get the daughters married off, give it a few years and then some rich, unfortunate something-in-the-City can pick up the divorce settlement rather than having them sponge off the royal purse for the rest of their vapid lives like their parents.


  2. The not-so-grand Duke of York is becoming even more tedious than usual. Isn’t there some Russian oligarch or Chinese billionaire they could marry just to quickly secret them out of the country, preferably for good?

  3. I read that Andrew claimed his daughters were the only “blood princesses”, totally ignoring the existence of his sister Anne, the Princess Royal. Of course her offspring quietly get on with their lives and earn their own living, so I suppose Andrew wouldn’t want them mentioned. But I wouldn’t get on the wrong side of Anne if I were him. Her children are also a “blood” prince and princess, strictly speaking, but their mother didn’t want them lumbered with titles.

  4. They truly are an absolutely ghastly family. Charles is quite right to want to distance them as far as possible, kind of creeps that guarantee the monarchy would not survive.
    None of them do a days work, constantly jaunting around on other people’s money.
    A la lanterne!

    They should be hung for their fashion (lack of) sense alone.

  5. It seems as if Her Maj has rejected Randy Andy’s demands and, as the Duke of Rothesay takes over greater and more numerous responsibilities, this is unlikely to change. The Duke has repeatedly said that the number of “working royals” should be pared down to the minimum possible in order to create the greatest value.

  6. Janus: I was half asleep when I wrote that comment! I realised that after I ticked “post comment” but thought it would be even more embarrassing to immediately prostrate myself to Backside for my lack of wits.

  7. And whatever you do, don’t mention the PoW’s model village, Poundbury – a false utopia from his undeveloped mind.

  8. The basic idea of Poundbury is good. The execution could have been better. It’s execution was too reliant on a Frog and, thus, has rather more continental a flavour than a Dorchester annex should.

  9. Backside: Please tell Janus that Poundbury is the cheap part of Dorchester. Houses there cost between £50-£130,000 less than similar properties in the proper part of Dorset’s county town. Rent is also cheaper. I do, however, have my eye on a lovely row house for £280,000.

  10. But soft! What light etc.? Our mate, Harry, can save the day. His alleged new squeeze tocks all the boxes, including mixed-race and UN ambassador. Watch this space for exciting revelations….

  11. And the meeja is in a lather. Can our ginger prince marry a mixed race, American divorcee with bankrupt patents? Here’s the tale of a much-broken home – father cheated throughout the marriage, mother died in suspicious circumstances – and that’s just Harry! 😱

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