Having a larf, innit?

So the British Government agreed to accept 300 “child refugees” with family already in the United Kingdom. The first of the lot arrived in Britain today to much fanfare. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the fanfare that the Delightful Mrs May Or Amber Rudd the Dud would have liked. It seems, as if, they look rather wiser than their years should allow. That is, they are as convincing as children as I am as a Japanese schoolgirl. This makes me wonder if it is ministerial incompetence, a fast-one pulled by the Frogs or if the British Government simply wanted to create so much public disgust with this that opposition to taking more would be insurmountable.

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

15 thoughts on “Having a larf, innit?”

  1. Thorough checks, such as dental ones that horses face, must be done as well as DNA since these characters will happily lie in their teeth. Anyone with no proper ID should be immediately returned to sender, ie France. What is it that’s done to tell the age of trees?

  2. Janus: How many other worthy candidates for asylum are not even being considered? What about Tibetans stuck in India? I somehow doubt that the tender mercies of Beijing are anything to return to. What about Hmong in Thailand after 40 years? I can’t help but find this all to be absolute bollocks.

    Sheona: Well, you can’t cross from Denmark to Sweden without a proper ID and can’t cross from Germany to Denmark without one, either. The UK should insist on the same precautions.

  3. I keep talking about an establishment ‘fifth column’ operating in the UK, one dedicated to doing everything to pursue the European dream to the absolute detriment of all things British. Whilst I understand the theory of creating public disgust by importing bogus ‘children’ (why, for example, hirsute, obviously twenty something jihadi recruits rather than small girls with teddy bears, of which there was not one single one), I think that explanation to be far too subtle and that we have instead been walked over yet again by cynical French politicians aided by the ever present posse of tearful luvvies, s’lebs and liberals who appear with ease on our news channels. There was one theatrically emotional female aid worker (could have been Home Office or Border Security for all I know) interviewed yesterday decrying amid floods of dry tears, the ‘national disgrace’of denying immediate and unchecked access to the UK of any Tom, Dick and Ahmed fronting up in Calais. With people like that in charge of immigration we don’t stand a chance.

    The Grenouilles are demanding that when the ‘Jungle’ is demolished the UK should take the resulting flotsam and jetsam. I think the UK should say No and suggest that the French solve their problem by stopping the gimmegrants at France’s southern borders rather than trying to push them on across the northern ones.


  4. ‘Two-thirds of child refugees screened by officials found to be adults, Home Office figures show’! Today’s DT headline.

  5. Oz: It has long been such. In the 1930s a not insignificant portion of the British elite were either fascist sympathisers or communist sympathisers. I do not credit Amber Rudd the Dud with much subtlety. She’s far too obvious in her methods and underwhelming in her capabilities, or lack thereof. She prances about on her hind legs screeching nonsense and bollocks so blatant that George Blow and Hoes would be embarrassed, stumbles, promptly tucks her tail between her legs and scurries off in unedifying retreat.After this, she might be too humiliated at having fallen for such an obvious Frog ploy to be willing to take any more. Incidentally, I’ve dealt with aid workers. Generally useless cretins that conflate sound-bites and luvviness with principle and compassion. Until, of course, they have to suffer the consequences!
    Agreed on the border. The French are far too keen on making their problems everyone else’s. At least it is now increasingly obvious that the Frogs have had enough with their preening eejits and will demand that things be put back in order with the inevitable consequences of failing to meet France’s expectations dangling over their heads like the Sword of Damocles. Or a guillotine blade.

    Janus: And I’m still not a Japanese schoolgirl.

  6. One section of our population is seriously under threat from these gimmigrants, our grandchildren!
    Imagine the scenario of the 25 year old child refugee sitting in a class of 16 year old girls!
    Only a matter of time,bring back gas chambers!

  7. CO: He’s be unlikely to actually sit in a classroom! The Huns have quickly realised that the lot do what they bloody well please and have absolutely no respect for Hunnish laws, culture or standards of behaviour. The older children often don’t boffer going to school. There has recently been a spate of embittered luvvies in Hunland. They decided to “sponsor” a “refugee”, thus becoming legally responsible for said “dahlink”. Within a year they are now resentful that they are legally obliged to pay back the costs that went into their cases and associated fees. They didn’t show up to appointments with their case workers, didn’t take integration or language courses, etc. The only thing they DID do was take the cash and benefits that the Hunnish regime was handing out like free samples.

  8. Yes, but in the UK if judged to be children are obliged to go to school!
    Glad some of the idiot krauts got caught out, serves them right!
    This is all going to end so badly, I just cannot understand how and why white Europeans and the UK can be SO stupid as to let these swine in.

  9. CO: The same in Germany! That’s precisely the point. Those who sponsored so-called refugees are also being held liable for those 25-year-old children not going to school. Don’t think it’s just the UK dealing with these lovelies, virtually every Tom, Dick and Ahmed in Greece or Italy claims to be a 12-year-old Syrian even if it’s obvious that they’re about 30 and from West Africa. My grandmother and I had a chat about this earlier this evening. Her view is that I should head to the UK as planned after I do my year in Asia.

  10. Quite right! Head for the outer Isles, wogs don’t like rain, they always congregate in the drier parts of European countries if they have their druthers.
    Wales is noticeably whiter as you head West after Newport which is wog ridden these days.

  11. CO: I’m hell-bent on Dorset. Stuff excitement, my idea of an invigorating experience these days involves going to Waitrose! It seems likely that anyone from the continent employed legally in the UK at time of liberation will be allowed to stay. If nothing else, the desire to collect taxes is very strong at Westminster.

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