It now appears that the story of a 23 year old Australian muslim who alleged that she had been chased off a Riviera beach at Villeneuve-Loubet for wearing a burkini was a set-up. This report in Nice Matin has the story as seen by locals who were actually on the beach at the time.

The camera was apparently set up before the woman arrived and plonked herself down. She and her companion were originally asked to move since they were sitting in the space reserved for jet-skis.  Then one of the locals asked the camera man to stop filming since he was taking photos of local children, which the parents objected to. This was why the father wanted to call the police – to stop the filming of his children. So far, so totally nothing to do with burkinis. How very disappointing for this Aussie who had flown all that distance to “show her support for local muslim women”. Still, never let facts get in the way of the untruth you want to spread. Has Channel 7 been conned?

I haven’t seen any burkinis in the past week we’ve been in Antibes, just along the coast from Villeneuve-Loubet, but every day I’ve seen jeeps full of paratroopers patrolling the old town and tourist areas. I find them very reassuring. I like that sort of show of support.

13 thoughts on “Set-up?”

  1. Par for the course. Muslims have perfected the art of propaganda and the success of “Pallywood” has only made it worse. For those unaware of the term, “Pallywood” is the social media propaganda arm of the Palestinians. Pictures from the conflict in Syria are used as “proof” of Israeli “atrocities” in Gaza or the West Bank. Sometimes, the same pictures are used several times for events that supposedly took place in several places at different times. Other favourite tactics are buying costume IDF uniforms and staging “atrocities”, filming them and then sharing them on social media. At other times, Arabs lie in wait for Israelis to drive past, pelt their cars with rocks and then film them as one of their lot run out in front of the car speeding away. They then call this an attempted homicide by evil Israelis. We’re only starting to get a taste of that in Europe. We’d best grow wise to their tactics lest we bind our hands.

  2. Not sure why anybody is offended by women wanting to take a dip fully clothed. What about men in Speedos? Or overweight women in bikinis? No worries though. If Nicollula has his way, all newcomers to France will be too busy learning French to visit the beach.

  3. Janus: There have been more and more cases of fundamental Muslims forcing their religious orthodoxy on secular and liberal Muslims. This has been a problem for some time and to an extent was imported from Algeria, but it’s only getting worse. Recently, Muslims have even been forcing their religion on non-Muslims. For example, the woman doing the sign of the cross before driving on the motor way only to hear a Muslim tap on her window and inform her that “such behaviour is not allowed in France” with the implication that Muslim rules are the only ones that will be accepted. Chauvinistic Muslims cannot be given an inch, they’ll take the entire mile scored.

  4. Here’s an idea which addresses the problem but avoids the prejudices: just like a nudist beach, open a clothed beach……. 😎

  5. Janus, while I agree that there are many bikini-clad ladies who are no longer slim young things, I think the burkini thing is just another step by muslims in pushing their demands on to western civilisation. France has banned the burka, which isn’t even a religious requirement, so banning the burkini is on that same path. The bunch of muslims who caused trouble in Sisco on Corsica had decided to take over a local beach and attack any locals who wanted to use it. This included throwing rocks at local children in their kayaks. Thankfully Corsicans don’t stand for any nonsense. One of the muslims, already known to the police for criminal activities, is now serving two years and one other is still on the run from the law. I don’t much care for Sarkozy, but he is definitely saying what the French people want to hear. The attack in Nice on 14th July is still very fresh in peoples’ memories.

  6. Sheona: One of my neighbours is a Muslim woman, married to a German man with Catholic children. Germans cause her no grief. She’s well-liked in the neighbourhood and fully integrated into the community. She’s more afraid of the Allahu Akbar brigades than she is the AfD or anyone else!

  7. It seems that the French press is continuing investigations into the Aussie muslim set-up, probably because they don’t like being taken advantage of. The muslim family involved is known to the authorities in Sydney as activists.

  8. Sheona: I’ve heard many stories about this from Sydney. Western Sydney is well known for being a centre of dole dependency and economic stagnation. It’s also one of the most corrupt and benefits-abuse prone regions of Australia. What they don’t bother mentioning, especially Channel 7, is that the Allahu Akbar Brigade has a strong presence there!

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