Another bite?

Workers prepare for the opening of an Apple store in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, January 23, 2015.  REUTERS/Chance Chan/File Photo - RTX2NJ6T
I am waiting impatiently to see what the Donald says about Apple’s little problem with the EU’s ‘level playing field’. I anticipate words like ‘ungrateful’, ‘foreign’ and picked on’.       Fun, ain’t it?

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12 thoughts on “Another bite?”

  1. Yes, Apple’s tax evading machinations are to be deplored. However, for me the issue is how a one time trading block has assumed the ‘right’ to levy fines such as this. I do not remember hearing a statement from any of the five unelected EU presidents whose names escape me or their myriad minions concerning a blanket level of corporation tax to be imposed across all the member states of their fiefdom.

    Also, would you please stop referring to ‘the’ Donald like he was some kind of demigod. His name is Trump: he is merely a businessman with a flair for rabble rousing publicity and what appears to be a dead squirrel nailed to his bonce and whom the Septic rabble might well put in charge of their noo-clay-ar arsenal come the end of the year. Either that or they’ll vote for the shrill harridan who has elevated insincerity to an art form.

    Either way, the free world is screwed so I will now go and brew some coffee, something I should probably have done before (or instead of) writing the above.

    Have a harrumph!


  2. It’s that pesky small print again, the instruction manual nobody reads – until the wheel comes off. How dare the delectable Danish lady follow the rules!? 😎

  3. This time I think the EU has bitten off more than they can chew. After all Eire gave them this deal and whether it’s right or wrong is a matter for the Irish. This is just another case of Brussels trampling over national sovereignty. The VAT receipts to the exchequer on apple products sold in the UK must be considerable. I guess this will be the same in all EU states so Brussels is just being greedy, desperate or both.

  4. The argument is akshully about all tax payers being offered the same deal – irrespective of the published tax rate. Ireland and Luxemburg have been offering special low rates to the big global companies. Both countries signed up to the level playing field so they can’t now cry foul.

  5. Not sure about that. In the EU tax rates (VAT, personal and corporate) are all over the place so I don’t see how the level playing field argument works.

  6. I have no pity for Ireland. They sold their soul to the EU and the devil’s come to collect. Much like Dodgydagoland they ran headlong into Euroblivion and now whinge because they’re being treated like what they are.

  7. Jazz, the EU rule is that in any individual state a tax rate must be universally applied – no sweetheart deals. That is the playing field referred to. Ireland thought it (and Apple) could play outside the rules.

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