Nearly over

Our 2 weeks in Western Iberia are almost done. We came to enjoy the sound of the ocean, the taste of fresh seafood and warm but not oppressive sunshine. And we found all of that and much more: straight-forward, uncomplicated, friendly people; decorative but functional architecture both grand and unassuming; and Sintra! Lord Byron’s ‘glorious Eden’, later a haunt of Hans Christian Andersen, fairy-tale palaces guarded by a Moorish castle atop Sintra’s breezy, wooded mountain.

So thank you, Portugal. You deserve to thrive and we hope you will.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

8 thoughts on “Nearly over”

  1. No doubt they will whilst they prove unattractive to the wogs. As a matter of curiosity why do they not attract immigrants? No free housing, handouts or other goodies? Interesting to know why they are eschewed in the pantheon of wog magnetics.

  2. CO: There are immigrants from Brazil and Africa in Portugal,but the Allahu Akbar brigades tend to avoid Portugal. Portugal is a poor country with a Spartan welfare state. They prefer countries like Sweden and Germany which in the past were far more generous with their benefits. Can’t expect them to work, can you…

    Portugal is certainly the better country in Iberia. Spain tries, but it lacks the depth, grace and beauty of Portugal.

  3. Low-paid jobs here are done by Angolans anid… Portuguese! We have avoided big towns but here in the boondocks people live frugally and with dignity. Old fashioned extended families care for old folk and children seem well catered for. No muslims or East Europeans at all!

  4. We have only been to Lisbon, but we had a great time there and got on well with the Portuguese, We also enjoyed a visit to Madeira.

  5. There are many generic ‘Uraniums’ working in Portugal, mainly in the building and agricultural sectors. I have had two separate crews at The Cave this month. One comprised a Ukranian,, a Georgian, a Portuguese and a Bulgarian; the other of three Ukrainians and very good there all were too. Most work here for ten years or so, living cheaply, working all the hours God sends and sending all the money back to Urania where they retire living like kings. For the record, benefits and social security are almost unknown here, even for the Portuguese.


  6. Oz: A warning for you! On Thursday, the 28th of this month two ghastly Romanians will cease contaminating Spain and will subject Portugal to their tender mercies. If the air suddenly turns malodorous and a ghastly shrieking overwhelms the sense you know what and who it is.

  7. Don’t tell the new migrants about the Mafra County or Sintra. Home now, we’re still pondering on them.

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