The old one-two

Troubles rarely come singly, especially for prima donnas like the England football team that got what they deserved yesterday.

May I point out that more than a few of the Chosen will return to their clubs to discover the world has changed since they left for France?

At Chelsea, Italy’s impassioned boss, Conte, takes charge. At Man City, the legendary Guardiola arrives and at Man United, Mourinho pitches up. If some of the Nice failures think Iceland were tough to face, they ain’t seen nuffin yet. The fact is that any quality the Prem League boasts is down to foreign players; the locals just take the benefits – for now.

And in case anybody is feeling smug about Wales, they are going to get a lesson in quality from Belgium very soon. Gareth cannot save them.

It will be an interesting few days, nay months!

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

2 thoughts on “The old one-two”

  1. I don’t follow football, but a friend pointed out that the book value of the Icelantic team is probably a few hundred thousand pound whilst for the English team it’s several hundred million.
    I’m glad the Icelanders won, it’s one in the eye for those who think they can buy everything. Well once in a while they can’t.

  2. Their days are numbered…

    Millionnaire flop Rooney says he’s ‘staying’. Where? In the England team? In the Man U team? I doubt both.

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