12 thoughts on “Here we go again”

  1. I predict:
    A bore draw with Iceland winning on penalties.
    Hodgson resigns.
    Brooligans arrested and charged with manic depression.
    The end of the world for British football.

    Same old, same old…. 😎

  2. Aye weel, JW.

    I always strive to be supportive of our fellow Home Nations.

    It follows that I cheered England on from confident start to abysmal finish tonight.

    You and I have had many black days of despair in our Jock-supporting history/

    We have, in my opinion. never, ever,suffered anything as bad as the depths to which England managed to sink tonight.

    I blame Jeremy Corbyn.

  3. I remain…(wish there were a “More” button in comments) committed to England only when they take to the cricket field. For the queer-shaped ball game I don’t care a drop kick but when it comes to the beautiful game I, sadly fellow Charioteers, swing low sweetly to the other side.

    Still think Holland will win it. Wait a minute…

  4. Here’s a radical thought. Sack the team and keep the manager.

    And as this is the Euro championships I also demand that the match be replayed as many times as necessary to obtain the correct result.


  5. Let’s face it, Iceland didn’t play fair. They wouldn’t let us hold on to the ball near their goal, they kept running too fast for Rooney and to cap it all, put the ball where Hart couldn’t reach it, twice! Most of the -Sons also have the unfair advantage of not playing in the Prem. where such tactics aren’t allowed.

    Christopher, as a semi-naturalised Brit, you should know that today is not the time for smart-ass remarks about Germany – or Wales – or any country remotely competent at the game. Grrrrrr!

  6. A constipated performance from England, led by the stunted-brained Rooney and the stuffed-owl-brained Hodgson. Gareth Bale is right … England all hype.

  7. I promised that since Scotland was not involved in this football thing, I would support England. This is an official announcement that I have now transferred my support to Wales. Though really I have to concentrate fully on Andy at Wimbledon, where some of the English lads have “done good” so far.

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