8 thoughts on “Promises”

  1. Boris was my MP. He was great and as far as I know doesn’t tell lies. You should remember that he won the London mayoral elections twice in an predominately labour City. No mean achievement. You shouldn’t tar Boris the same as Dave who really does ‘speak with forked tongue,.

  2. I think Juncker’s statement for for what it’s worth may just have tipped the balance in favour of Brexit. Still think the result will be a close call, Janus.

    I agree with Jazz re Boris. He was my MP too, although I’m not sure he would make a good PM.

  3. Araminta: Juncker was never intended to actually take the position he holds. After Cameron mishandled the situation Merkel forced him through. He’s not suited temperamentally for it. He isn’t patient enough, he isn’t diplomatic enough. He is far better suited for Tusk’s position as Juncker is excellent at arranging stick-ups and back-room deals. Whatever his faults, and I despise him utterly, he is at least relatively honest about what his goals are and what can and cannot be done. Cameron is a far nastier liar.

  4. I think Junker’s comment is timely for Brexit – as is, also, the comment from a German manufacturer saying that it would be foolish to erect trade barriers against Britain.

  5. Boadicea: the last debate could help as well. The “remain” side were very shrill and very nasty. The “leave” side were positive and optimistic and discussed issues. The “remain” side made it personal. Even if Davidson and Johnson brushed it off, it really turned many off.

  6. On Juncker’s watch as PM, Luxembourg engineered tax avoidance schemes for multinationals. Nobody forced him to take job of Pres of the EU which gives him status far beyond his abilities or deserts.

  7. Just done my bit and voted to remove all traces of the Star Spangled Sphincter from This Sceptred Isle.

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