A view from Down-Under

OK, in common with several other Charioteers, I no longer have a vote in the UK – my citizenship counts for naught, except taxes.

And agreed, I am a long way away from the action – but I have read extensively on the subject and Boadicea remains close to the debate, as one would expect from a Doctor of Economic History from the LSE.

I have been impressed by the standard of debate on the Chariot, which has been streets ahead of the scare tactics and downright lies promulgated by many senior UK functionaries who really should know better.

But –

There is a limit to the applicability and validity of too much analysis – one can easily lose sight of the big picture by searching too assiduously for the devils in the detail.

So here is the summary of my conclusions –

Everyone should vote to leave the EU, because a vote to remain betrays the individual as either corrupt (cherchez l’argent) or terminally stupid.

I’ll get my hat.

Author: Bearsy

A Queensland Bear with attitude

7 thoughts on “A view from Down-Under”

  1. Wogs begin at Calais, and should stay there.
    My personal epitaph for the EU.

    Whilst we are at it, blowing the chunnel would be effective, hopefully full of ‘asylum seekers’ at the time.
    Plus, of course, rebuilding Hadrian’s Wall and redigging Offa’s Dyke!

    On another angle. I note the pictures of the huge queues to get into Glastonbury, I bet those bloody fools didn’t use a postal vote before they left home. Jolly good, they all looked like remainers to me, excellent.

  2. CO: Wogs begin at Calais, civilisation ends at the Pyranees and Alps! I find myself muttering “spic”, “wog” and “dago” under my breath on an increasingly regular basis! Were it not for Portugal southern Europe would be hopeless in its entirety.

    Ah, Glastonbury! The “remain” camp are relying on younger voters to support their cause. Younger voters are by far the most unreliable voters. I suspect they’ll realise that there was a referendum after their drug-induced stupor subsides.

  3. Christopher, it creeps up on you as one ages. when I was young in the middle of nowhere, there were no wogs, as a result I just thought they were ‘different’ human beings. Then I got out in the big wide world and every where i went I realised they were not the same as us with just differing skins and clothes etc.
    They did not respond with civility to any overtures, most of them were rude, ignorant with disgusting personal habits and very little moral compassing.
    First one ignores it and hopes it will change, then one avoids them and finally one dislikes them with growing intensity and wishes them elsewhere, in the end, anywhere, including 6′ under!

    And so it goes, I doubt I am alone, I know I’m not, but very few people have the temerity to say so out loud and in public, which is a great shame and a detriment to our society.
    Of course there are exceptions to the rule but seemingly very few and far between in my personal experience
    I am more than happy to be labelled by some as both xenophobic and racist, I personally do not see it as such just wishing to preserve elements of our society in their original location that have been the core of other’s new countries as they were developed ie the Commonwealth.

    j, make a list!
    We need bombs, shovels and bricklayers for starters!

  4. CO: I am a firm believer that some cultures are simply more evolved than others. Northern Europeans and the Japanese are by-and-large a civilised lot. Koreans, Taiwanese and Hong Kongers are generally civilised as well. I frankly don’t understand what is worse here — the absolute lack of self-awareness or those who should know better decaying. The Americans are some of the worst, as are self-loathing Brits. I’ve made myself unpopular, a pariah in fact, by refusing to spend my evenings getting drunk at bars or go chasing after strangers to spend the night with. That’s the lifestyle here and I simply can’t abide it. I am similarly vexed by the utter lack of self-awareness here. I have to get out of bed early most mornings and be prepared to engage students at an hour I’d normally be sleeping. This after a not inconsiderable commute! Cooking at midnight or 1 in the morning infuriates me. It wakes me and keeps me up. My landlady and I agree on this. She, like me, prefers sensible and civilised routines over unpredictable, fly-by-night whims. She is equally annoyed by eejits blasting their obnoxious “music” at all hours of the day and night.

    Am I “colonial” in my mindset? Absolutely! In successful countries this is how things are done, in dodgy countries people are prone to doing things on the spur of the moment with no real planning or foresight.

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