How many times?

The Oscar Pistorius show is back for a re-run. It made fascinating telly the first time, combining the salty ingredients of celebrity, disabled sport, gun mania and the South African judiciary. But its story-line was flawed, allowing the anti-hero to escape with a soft sentence.

Common-sense prevailed though when it came round again. People who fire guns into small rooms, suspecting they are occupied, know they can kill –dolus eventualis. And Oscar did just that.

Now it’s round three, a determined recycling of the evidence for the benefit of a court that obviously can’t read transcripts too well. Does every murderer in SA get such considerate, elaborate treatment? I hope so but I doubt it.

Author: janus

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6 thoughts on “How many times?”

  1. But there’s a new slant this time – depression. Will Pistorius be doing an Ernest Saunders on us?

  2. I don’t think the tear-jerking defence has won. OP has failed to prove his remorse by explaining his mindset when he fired the gun. We’ll see how the chips fall on 6th July.

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