Luncheon is on One today (maybe)


One has a lorra mates, in 600 charities. If only one could remember them all. So today One is inviting* a select 10,000 of their luminaries to a bijou little street party in the Mall (oh dear, is it pronounced Morl or Mell?).

*Is it a free lunch this time? If not, what is the price of a plate? And will the charities pay for their high-ups to attend? Better get out with them collection boxes quick. Just askin’.

Author: janus

I'm back......and front - in sunny Sussex-by-the-sea

3 thoughts on “Luncheon is on One today (maybe)”

  1. Reliably informed by t’Mail that it’s £150 pop to get an invitation. 10,000 x 150 = a right royal bonanza. Cheers, Your Maj! 😎

    Of course it rained on One’s parade. Nice touch to provide 10,000 rain kagools (sp.?).

  2. I just read that it was typical English weather – why didn’t some techo-genius work out a way for all those flags to turn into brollies or tents…

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