Jefferson on Brexit

Thomas Jefferson was suspicious of power in the same way that most are suspicious of heroin. So, WWJD vis a vis Brexit? Economic arguments, I suspect, would be secondary at best. He would instead zero in on the suppression of democracy and of the ‘will of the people.’ But, hey, he is so 18th Century, isn’t he?

19 thoughts on “Jefferson on Brexit”

  1. Dammit j, you beat me to it!

    This old fart for one doesn’t ‘do’ text speak, but ‘kindest regards’!

  2. True, had to look that up!
    Which means he was only in his early thirties when he wrote the Declaration of Independence! Like to see those today of similar age do that! Not a chance in hell!

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

    Splendid quote which should be executed a sight more often than it is!
    And currently WELL overdue in Westminster and Brussels.
    Perhaps next year to commemorate 1917!

  3. I’ve just come back from doing a VoteLeave table in Wallingford. We kept a tally of Levers and Remainers there were 4 times as many for leave as remain. This straw pole was of about 150 people. BTW the remainers called the police on us although we had caused no trouble. The police lady asked for my name and number which I refused to give, because, as I explained to her “I’m not obliged to, however if you wish to arrest me please feel free”. She was fine and eventually I gave her the info as I explained to her “not because I have to, but because I choose to”.
    This is a typical remain trick, they tell outrageous lies, tear down our posters and verbally abuse us. BUT WE DO NOT REACT………it’s called ‘negative reinforcement and it works a treat….they get madder and madder.

    EU police would not have behaved so well, I’ve seen cabin crew pushed around and abused by Frankfurt police for nothing more than a bit of (sober) high spirits. The German police behaviour would have got a British policeman the sack.

    The Police Lady that I dealt with acted impeccably and was obviously pretty smart. I regret that I didn’t take her number, because I could then have written to her supt to tell him/her how well she had behaved.

    This sort of thing gives one pause for thought to realise how invaluable our common laws and rights are. We take all this stuff for granted….we shouldn’t.

    BTW I’ve been locked up in an Argentinian prison in the days of Galtieri so I was relaxed about being arrested here although I had done nothing wrong.
    What did I do in Argentina ? I gave an Argentinian Naval Commander a load of verbal which he richly deserved, however it was not a smart thing to have done.

  4. So, WWJD? means “What would Jefferson Do?”

    Is that so?

    WTF??? I’m sure everybody know that one. Otherwise,

    PDNWO – Please Do Not Waste Oxygen, to save you having to ask.


  5. I thought the ‘expression’ was more widely recognized that I thought … and that my ‘twist’ on it would be understood. Sorry.

  6. aedarrowby, may I call you AEA? As a new arrival you are not likely to be aware that the Chariot voted against textspeak some time ago. What you may already have noticed is that we tend to rib each other a lot and I’m sure no ‘sorry’ is necessary.

  7. One of our well-known citizens – Paul Hogan in his Crocodile Dundee persona – memorably remarked, as you may remember, “That’s not a knife – this is a knife!”

    Well, the same applies to insults on The Chariot – but they have to be clever, or funny or so bad that they’re good. Unless Boadicea says otherwise, of course. πŸ™‚

  8. Below is a jpg of our Brexit straw poll in Wallingford yesterday, that is if I’ve got the html code right.


  9. Thanks everyone, as a refugee from the recently ‘taken down’ MyTelegraph site, I look forward to blogging/commenting here.

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