Putin put out

I couldn’t miss out on a headline like this, could I? Even though I refuse to watch or enter discussions about the much-feted Eurovision extravaganza, which, allegedly Vlad himself dictated Mother Russia must win at any cost. Heads will roll, it is reported, now that a Ukrainian song about genocide in the Crimea (in English) beat the Russian entry. The votes were rigged by the pesky Western organisers, of course. So what’s new? Apart from the Aussies wanting to horn in on the show too. Typical Eurononsense.


Author: janus

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5 thoughts on “Putin put out”

  1. I haven’t watched it – and I find it quite incredible that we were ‘invited’ to enter – although I understand that the programme has been widely followed here for many years. I’m not sure that your comment, Janus, about Australia horning in on the show is quite right – but I’m quite prepared to be proven wrong.

    It seems to me that the awarding of the top spot to the Crimean entry was a political decision, but that’s what happens these days.

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