Poor Britain

I have terrible news… Long-suffering Britain has to face yet another nightmare… From Tone Bliar to Gordon Brown to David Cameron to terrible storms and floods. Now, Britain faces a crisis of even greater proportions. You may have guessed it, but I am making a return visit this summer. From the 10th to 17th August I will subject Dorset to my reign of terror. On the night of the 17th I will be secreted by the Caledonian Sleeper to Fort William before travelling south to Glasgow for a few days. Brace yourselves!

Author: Christopher-Dorset

A Bloody Kangaroo

22 thoughts on “Poor Britain”

  1. It really is not a problem, Christopher, that you have chosen to hit the Dark Side of Caledonia (stern and wild) from 17 August onwards on your next visit. Enjoy!

    But, if you decide to shake yourself free from the Slough of Despond that is Weegiedom, give me a ring. I will drive over and pluck you thencefrom to deliver you to an Embra that will be slap bang right in the middle of what is, in my opinion. probably the best Festival in the world.

  2. JM: I suspect that two days in Weegiestan will be quite enough for me. It would be nice to see Edinburgh again. As we come closer to that time we can work out more exact details.

  3. Time was when I took the sleeper from York to London. Maybe you ar different but I quickly realised that ‘sleeper’ is misnomer; ‘napper’ might do but ‘waker’ would nail it. Of course, 50 years of smooth rails and electric engines could make all the difference. Night, night!

  4. Janus: there is a heritage train that still goes from London to York. I intend to ride it one day. I can’t do it this time as I will be in Dorset at that time and have little desire to spend much of the day on trains just to be able to catch another train.The Caledonian, at least in its cheapest form, promised little but is an affordable way to travel from southern England to wildest Caledonia.

  5. Christopher, I’m sorry you intend to spend only two days in Glasgow. At least take a trip down to the coast to see the scenery or visit Loch Lomond. Resist all JM’s attempts to drag you back to Edinburgh, which at festival time is overcrowded and dirty.

  6. Sheona: my plan is, upon departing Fort William, to first go to Mallaig before travelling to Glasgow in order to best take in the scenery. I have to return to dreaded Hunland so time is limited.

  7. Akshully, isn’t a visit of max 3 days sufficient to maintain friendship? After that it becomes a burden on the host and a strain on the relationship. Don’t y’all agree? ๐Ÿ˜Š

  8. Janus, yes I agree, we have very few friends that we would put up with longer than three days, but this is the best test. That makes me think about the quote: absence makes the heart grow fonder….Interesting though that its source is unknown, but never mind, who has still got the courage to think about one’s feelings?

  9. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time in Glasgow, Christopher. There are some nice parts. And Loch Lomond is a good shout, too. Especially, as gold has been discovered in The Trossachs National Park. Make sure to take a shovel, gold pan and sluice box with you.

  10. Christopher – I’m sure the Mallaig trip will be a feast for your eyes. If you ever in your lifetime get a chance to have longer stays in Scotland, then please do visit Sutherland, going north by road from Ullapool and across the Kylesku bridge and even further north to Cape Wrath. There are some lovely beaches on that coast line. And the scenery, though rugged and wilderness like, is also majestic with single mountains (e.g. Suilven) taking different profiles from whichever angle you approach from. I know Kylestrome and Kylesku very well and will post something here this summer on my past visits there.

  11. JW: och aye! When will Wee Nippy start banging on about “Scotland’s Gold”? My hotel in Glasgow is highly rated and in an old Georgian/Victorian row house in a decent neighbourhood. It is a beautiful country, Scotland.

    PG: nice to hear from you again! Please post something about them, yes! So long as the dreaded SNP don’t succeed in dismembering my beloved United Kingdom, I will always return to Scotland be it for a week or two weeks at a time. One day I might go with my favourite aunt as she knows many people there and is well-travelled in Scotland. Alas, time — and finances — are limited this time around. I have another holiday planned in December to Scandinavia again. Jul in Sweden and Denmark, etc.

  12. Haw, CausT. I have replied to your e-mail.

    I have this dream. The new football season starts in Jockland on 6th August 2016. Now that the Huns have finally made it back to our top league, there must be a chance that the Jambos could be playing them at either Ibrox or Tynie whilst you are in situ.

    Now, I know full well that fitba’ is not your thing. How cool would it be, however, if JW could meet up with you and me to watch the game?

    And, if we can’t get tickets or it’s not live on TV, you could always watch us playing a game of ‘Battleships’,and be the MyT correspondent, reporting all the excitement to our fellow Cherished Authors as the drama unfolded.

  13. JM: I’m up for a football match if for no other reason than to tease my Hunland-domiciled cousins about it! I like your idea and am happy to commit myself to it.

  14. That’s a nice thought, JM, and it will happen someday. For the moment though it’s a non-committal from me. I like the fact that for all you know I could be a computer generated blogger. keeping on fitba’, wasn’t that great that the arabs have went down like a well-skelped battleship?

  15. Christopher – I shall make sure that I behave myself prior to your visit. I shall be leaving the UK the day after you arrive! Dorset is a beautiful county – enjoy!

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