Richard III

When I were butter lad, Leicester was a boring city only 24 miles away on the wrong side of the Watling Street. Like my home town Coventry, it’s an unlovely product of Midlands industry with more success hitherto as a ‘rugger’ city; the Tigers are still a force in the pro game.

But now they play a bit of footie too, it seems. And celebrated Mark Selby’s 2nd snooker World title on the same day as the Foxes won the Premier League. Mark’s another Leicester lad.

So what? Well, not much really! Except it makes a change when provincial places grab the headlines innit?

Oh yes, and Richard III’s bones were discovered there! No more wintry discontent now!

Author: janus

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9 thoughts on “Leicester”

  1. The Yorkist Ricky the Third wouldn’t have been too chuffed that good old Lancastrian Burnley are back in the top flight. What price the Clarets to win the Premiership next season? You heard it here first.

  2. I am looking forward to visiting Leicester later this year. No interest in football – but very interested in RIII !

  3. We visited Bradgate Park nearby last year, an abolute must for visitors. You discover a lot of history and countryside around and a paradise for kids at the same time. We as well met the owner of a pub nearby last year and his wife is from Leicester. On her recommendation we will go back in June and visit the Jewry wall museum and the art gallery. She seemed to be a lady full of pride for her birthplace.

  4. Bettina, may I say welcome? We don’t know you yet but a gal with a peaky blinder man can’t be all bad!

    (NB it’s not sarcasm, it’s just clean fun)

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