Wanted: a new sugar daddy

If the UK votes for Brexit, the SNP will try to defect again. And I can see why! The UK is tired of filling their begging bowl and the defectors need to look for another source of bail-outs. The EU of course is the prime candidate, with a long history of supporting lost causes with other people’s cash.

The fact is: good riddance to bad SNP rubbish! If only the silent Scottish majority would get vocal NOW, rather than when push comes to shove.

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25 thoughts on “Wanted: a new sugar daddy”

  1. The Scottish elections are in May and it will be interesting to see what happens. The Scots must now realise what a disaster independence would have been…?

    SNP posturing at Westminster is for the home audience.

  2. At time of writing we are deep into the second half of Jocks vs Frogs at Murrayfield with the score 29-18 to the former. For the life of me I cannot decide which team I least want to win. The behaviour thus far of the SNP representatives at Westminster has been puerile, arrogant and ignorant all at the same time, so they deserve every hoofing anyone, the descendants of Proud Edward’s army included, chooses to mete out. As for Les Grenoouilles, well, ’nuff said – and plenty has been.

    Howeve, what further reinforced rather than tipped my prejudices was when the tartan freeloaders voted in the Mother of Parliaments last week to defeat legislation on the proposed Sunday Trading laws, a matter affecting only England and Wales, thus denying the rest of the country the opportunities already available in Scotland having previously been nodded through at Holyrood.

    And now we have all this latest bolleaux from Sturgeon, Swinney et al about a second Independence referendum. I am sick and tired of it. Look, let the rest of the country hold a once-and-for-all referendum, the question being, ” Should Scotland remain part of the Union?” Even though it would probably assist a ‘No’ vote, it goes without saying that those of a Jockanese persuasion, wherever resident within our Isles or abroad, would be denied any say in the matter.


  3. And I hope England is duly grateful to Scotland, or at least its rugby team, for beating France.

    OZ, I blame the effect of SNP government on education. A decade now seems to mean 18 months and the idea that people won’t notice when you break your widely publicised promises has been adopted. Quite frankly I would not complain if Sturgeon’s thugs organised another referendum with rigged ballot papers and Scotland were left to its own devices. It would break my heart, but my fellow countrymen should have seen this lot off a lot sooner.

  4. Meanwhile in other news, the holy Obama omits to mention Murica’s War of Independence while deploring Brexit…..

  5. I vaguely remember promulgating the hypothesis of rebuilding Hadrian’s Wall round here!
    Maybe the time has come!
    Tremendous fun, we could make it higher than the proposed Mexican Wall from that nice Mr Trump!

    PS Can we have a minefield too please?

  6. Good article by Boris Johnson on the Dark Side this morning BoJo

    The fact that the Tartan pikeys, the Septics and the Frogs (disparaging language absolutely intentional) inter alia want us to stay shackled to the federal tyranny is a pretty obvious pointer, if any more were needed, that it is high time to get the fudge out of Dodge and look after our own sovereignty and national interests for a change. The above-mentioned all do – first foremost and above everything else no matter what, which is why they want us in.

    As usual, comment is curtailed in the new singin’, dancin’ DT so fill your boots here.


  7. Oz: Obama is an irrelevance. Nothing he says or does matters at this point. All opposition candidates are supportive of signing a trade deal with the UK PDQ.

  8. I can see it now:
    UK votes to Leave the EU.
    Scotland votes to Leave the UK.
    The EU refuses Scotland’s application to join on the grounds of economic weakness.

  9. Christopher – Agreed.

    Janus – I can see your steps 1 and 2, but would the EU really refuse a Scottish application in such circumstances on the grounds of economic weakness? I think not. They didn’t with most applications – all of the eastern bloc in recent years and even France and Italy, Spain and Portugal before that and they will need not only to save face but to keep the numbers up if we do the sensible thing, notwithstanding the putative accession of Turkey which in itself opens up a whole new can of worms.

    Stop Press! Mutti has vowed to carry on with her ‘open door’ migration policy despite the CDU being hoofed in the German regional elections yesterday. Now there’s EU democracy in a nutshell for you.


  10. Yebbut, nobbut, yebbut, Janus. The EU doesn’t have its revenues. It generates no revenue, just demands ever increasing tithes in true robber-baron fashion from member states which themselves are funded by an increasingly sullen and disenfranchised electorate (Remember them, the wealth-creators?)

    Anyway, on the one hand despite electoral reverses we have Mutti Merkel still offering milk and honey to all comers, some of whom, the ones useful to the Fatherland, might even be allowed to remain permanently in Germany with the rest who will never be productive members of society will be farmed out for the rest of the Unionion (© P. Faith) to house and fund. On the other hand and at the same time the unelected President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, is telling gimmegrants not to come at all and a fat lot of good that is doing. The whole thing is descending into a stramash (© J. Mackie) of the worst order and it can only end in tears.

    And, getting back on topic, in the case of the UK I doubt there are many from hot and sandy places who will be very happy freezing their trossachs off in The Trossachs so they will be demanding their ‘right’ to settle in the south, i.e. England.

    Can one blame Alex Salmond? I think we should be told.


  11. No buts, Oz! It’s truth of the first water. Will all good (English)folk and true, come back home when N Britain defects? Financial institutions will. Anybody else?

  12. Oz: drats, leave it up to me to tick “post comment” too soon. Spain and Ireland can’t form token coalitions to “govern” their Satropies. German coalitions are growing ever more bizarre. It’s likely that BW will have a Green-CDU coalition as there is no other viable option. RP will likely have to have a “Grand Coalition” as no other viable coalition exists. The Greens saw their share of the vote collapse. SA is completely ungovernable. They’d have to form a CDU/SPD/Greens/Free Democrats coalition to avoid sharing power with the AfD. What will come of this? An absolute nightmare awaits Europe. I’m making tentative plans to bugger off to Asia again in the new year.

  13. J: Yes, I’ve been in Madrid since the 29th. Things have largely settled down for now. In a few weeks I will start a training programme before being assigned to work at various places in the region. I could write something concerning Spain in due course, but the exact nature of it remains to be decided. I am unlikely to write anything until after Viking-type chum recreates a Nordic invasion of Iberia.

  14. J: He’s disgustingly civilised and quite tame. I have to speak Swedish to him for extended periods of time before he starts to show any aggression — or sing praises of Sweden’s great kings ad nauseum. Not to worry about Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Merkel and Rajoy have done well enough at that!

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